There’s a myth that exists in the world that Tantra is only about sex.

Here you will find the truth.

Tantra is an ancient practice that some believe dates back to the ancient civilization of Lemuria and then landed in Tibet and India, nearby coasts. The Sanskrit word adeptly teaches us what Tantra is. Tan, the first part of the word, means union or weaving together. Tra, in Sanskrit, simply means tools.

Put together the translation teaches us that Tantra is a set of tools and techniques that supports us in experiencing and knowing the union, or Oneness, of all that exists.

Tantra is a way of be-ing whereby consciousness is raised, peak experiences happen because of how high your vibration is and awakening is the overall intention.

So why do people only think of sex when they think of Tantra?

Well, you could blame that on some celebrities that “saw the light” when they practiced Tantra but I’ll say that because being awake in relationship and loving consciously, and opened up energetically, can definitely bring your orgasm to new heights! But it’s not the goal. It’s a choice.

Your inner work begins with your own spirituality. And as you move towards healing your inner child and parts that are wounded, you may then reach new heights outside of yourself if you choose.


Are you ready to experience a deeper, more connected, and miraculous life?

Feel like there’s more but can’t put your finger on it?

Your spiritual journey is what you are here for; it is the ‘why’ to your life experiences past, present and future.

Without this awareness, it’s like wandering through the woods without a map. It’s testing new jobs, new relationships, new homes but never landing in a place or situation that feels absolutely aligned and right.

I spent years wandering and remember how painful it was.

Your spiritual growth will help you to know that you are held in love on your journey here and joy, peace and awakening are possible in every moment.


Imagine how it would feel to experience a heightened state of ecstasy in every moment of making love.

Sacred sexuality has four (4) components: respect, consciousness, loving, and clear intention.

When all 4 are in place, you are much more likely to experience love and sex as a sacred connection. The sacred has meaning and purpose in the world beyond you or your partner’s sexual pleasure, and desires.

Respect for each others’ individuality is most important. Each of you comes together with a unique history including fears and strategies to get your needs met, ability to communicate your needs and more. It is not for you to change your partner, or spend many hours convincing them that you are “right.”

Respect means you put loving over being right and come back to love as a practice.

Conscious loving is just that – the moment-to-moment practice of taking a breath and acting from a grounded present place.

It also means that when you get triggered, or reactive, that you take time to explore your inner world and what you are learning about yourself.

You learn to take ownership for yourself and use every experience as grist for the “mill” of conscious awakening.

Intention setting before making love (or having a conversation) is the quickest way to bring the sacred into your relationship, bedroom and shared sexuality. Simply take a breath together and share what you would like to receive or give; and/or set an intention that the energy you raise together will have a positive impact on someone, some place, or situation in the world.

Sexual energy is potent. It creates new life. It can be used in a very powerful way to bring peace, love and ease to the world.

Use it consciously and add to your sacred shared experience.


There are ultimately 3 relationships to tend to in an intimate way. But first let me define intimacy for you.

Emotional intimacy is the surrendered, opened hearted, vulnerable place of sharing your heart; of being seen for who you truly are and touching all the places inside you that feel; distinct from physical intimacy, which involves touch.

Physical intimacy does not necessarily equate with sex, or sexual intercourse, but it may.

Physical intimacy includes everything sensual and sexual and may or may not be combined with emotional intimacy.

The first intimate relationship you have is with ‘that which is greater than you’ – your spiritual connection. Call it God, The Universe, Spirit, or Nature, this relationship is vital to your increasing consciousness.

Most people do not tend to this relationship and always wonder, “what’s missing?”

The second intimate connection is with yourself. It is not cliche when people say, “you need to love yourself first.” You do. You cannot, and will not, give anything to anyone else that you don’t have yourself.

Wonder why you’re not being loved the way you want or need?

Turn it around and explore the ways you are not fully loving yourself. There is much work to do in this realm of healing between you and you.

Two-shall-be one when you choose to share yourself with another, in the third intimate relationship.

Intimacy, or “into-me-you-see,” meets your deepest need as a human being: that of being seen and known by another.

You spend a lot of time in your own mind and it can be crazy making. Sharing in a direct, honest and open way with the ones who love you, brings a deep sense of healing, acceptance and has the capacity for unconditional love.

Come back to Love® programs support you in demonstrating your true self with courage and strength. Identifying fears and obstacles to love and intimacy are paramount and at the core of what you will discover and use to move towards deeper intimacy and divine love in all 3 intimate relationships.

Work With Robyn

Come back to Love® coaching is unique in that it uses the 4 CBTL tenets of Tantra, Spirituality, Sacred Sexuality and Intimacy to address the obstacles, heal past wounds, and take concrete steps towards meeting your soul mate.

It’s not about finding a partner and ‘being in love’.  It’s not about better sex but when we are BEING LOVE, more conscious, aware, present and loving… well,  the sex is better… but also food is better, relationships are better, our financial status is better, our health is better, everything is better!!

Want all that?