A Gentle Greeting to Your Day and Your Week…..

Waking up on Monday morning to a soft blue sky here in Massachusetts and a gentle stillness that it seems hasn’t been felt in a while.  My eyes are still tired and I greet today with this gentleness.

Before I even open my eyes, I embrace the practice my guru at the Sonoma Ashram teaches, “I love myself” (deep breath,) “I respect myself” (deep breath,) “I honor myself” (deep breath.)  Shifting my awareness to loving, respecting and honoring myself and the choices I’ve made with compassion. 

This week of the inauguration and today’s honoring of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr feels to be a call for GENTLENESS….for today and especially this week.  

I realize there might be a tendency to instead of being still and gentle that you allow yourself to get swept up in the energy and chaos “out there.” 

So this morning I am writing to invite you back inside….to the gentle place inside your heart where love and only love reside.  A Course In Miracles reminds us that only love is real and nothing unreal even exists…

Where we put our attention however is the most important part of this practice. Our lives are really just a collection of our perceptions on our lives.  Our thoughts create our reality. Our point of view creates our reality.

If I feel someone did something ‘to’ me and I’m upset about it…then that becomes the thing I deal with next. Even if I choose not to deal with it, I’ve still created my reality by my perception and my ‘need’ to make a choice to address, or not address that issue.  

If instead I believe – with gentleness in my heart – that person chose something for themselves and only love is real anyway….well then I can experience that moment with gentle compassion for what’s happening.  My point of view can shift and my perception of what’s happening becomes filled with love instead.  

No matter what is happening in your life and in the world right now we always have a choice as to how we respond. 

Join me this morning in relaxing my body, breathing deeply, allowing love and compassion to flow.  See ONLY LOVE this morning and through the week….

There is only LOVE and cries to come back to LOVE.  When we are in distress it’s because we are not in LOVE in that moment and our entire being wishes to be.  

I invite you back….