Abundance Is Not What You Think It Is

 Abundance  This is a big topic these days. So much out there about “manifestation” and “sex magic” and how to align yourself to having what you want in your life whether that is millions of dollars, a new partner, a new job, a life you absolutely love….

I was told to envision, align, clearly see it, know that it’s there no matter what even if I don’t “feel” it yet….raise my vibration and more. All fabulous advice and all part of the puzzle of true Manifestation in order to create Abundance.

But there’s always been a piece missing.  Even though my spiritual mentor, Maureen Whitehouse was telling me – I just wasn’t ready to hear it I guess.

And the truth is no matter how I tried and actually reached the places in my heart, in my soul that I was intending (which feels amazing by the way), I continued to land in a place of distrust. How could I possibly completely LET GO and trust that I’ll be held and that the Divine will take care of me completely? (Remember the expression, “do what you love and the money will follow?”)

Too scary to do such a free fall! Know what I mean?

Well, I’ve been walking on the razer’s edge of this for the last month. After my Akashic Record reading pointed things out even more clearly for me to see.

I got two HUGE pieces of this puzzle in the last week at the Tantra Festival at Angsbacka. It started with an abundance workshop with Kobi BZ on the first day which added fuel to the fire that’s been burning.

Participating in Monique Darling and Peter Petersen‘s Art of Adoration puja sealed the deal. I GOT IT: Abundance is not what I thought it was. It’s not money in the bank. It’s not being able to pay my bills or travel to exotic places (although these are good things.)

Abundance is only ONE THING: LOVING EVERY SINGLE PART OF ME – including every single shadow and light of my being…of my beautiful Soul, my intelligent and creative mind, my curvy, strong and sexy body – and so much more because it includes not only the seen but the unseen as well.

Listen carefully b/c this is a mind fuck (a brain twist) — there is NO possible way that you (or I) will feel abundant (not TRULY) if we feel any lack on the inside.

Any places of judgment, any places that aren’t good enough or just enough….these LACKS get reflected on the OUTSIDE. So no matter how much we “think” we have in the bank, or in our beds…..it won’t be enough. It’ll NEVER be enough. It will always feel like, “OH but I need more…more and more….better orgasms, more money.”

This will never land in a place of “Ahhhh…..I have enough. I have everything I need…..I am rich in this life. I have the freedom I want to feel. I am expansive. I am ME. Truly Me.”

Abundance? An inside job. Only and truly.

I said I got 2 huge pieces and this is one of them.