Are You Holding Your Own Hand?

I just texted this to a friend:

“I see you holding your own hands in support of you.”

And as I reflect on the past 6+ weeks, I wonder how I’ve been holding my own hands during a time of intensity and stress at home. These things happen….as my herbalist just said to me an hour ago, “Life throws you rocks sometimes…it’s not personal!”

What a great reminder that it’s not personal huh? Even if we think it is. We see ourselves involved in situations and more often than not make it about us.

“What did ‘I’ do to create this situation?” is a good question to ask because then you can make a different choice in the next moment. And sometimes the chaos around us is simply that – chaos AROUND us.

So how are you holding your own hands in support of you?

The Access Consciousness tools have provided so many ways for me to hold my own hands during these stressful few months
and as a result energies shift

  • From heavy to light
  • From pain to peace
  • From hopeless to joy
  • From trying to control to allowing the flow
  • From feeling limited to knowing anything in the world is possible!

Whether your stress is from the pandemic and the world opening up, or your financial situation, business model, or relationship – whether you’re in one – or in the confusion of dating…..there are tools for you.

Here’s one you can begin with right now –

Hold your hand (literally or in your imagination), think of something that’s happening in your life right now and ask yourself this question, “How is this contributing to me?” or “Does this contribute to me?”

You can ask that question about anything at all – something you’re about to do, a piece of clothing you want to purchase, a business agreement, a first date, hiring a nanny, engaging sexually with your partner..and so on.

Spend a day or an hour asking that question about everything and find out A LOT about your life and your choices. There are endless possibilities….if only you were aware of that truth. And I mean ENDLESS.