07 Jul
I Came Back To Me
Category: Self-Love
You haven’t heard from me in a while.  Now…I know what you might be thinking “WTF, I hear from Robyn ALL THE TIME! I hear from her too much in fact R...
30 Nov
Urgent, It’s Time for a Change
Category: Self-Love
Showing up truly yourself is what we are all striving for. Yet how is it that that isn’t happening? How is it that you find yourself working for 37 years at the same job beca...
15 Nov
What is Truly LIGHT for You?
Category: Self-Love, Stress
What’s true for you is light, what’s not true for you is heavy. But do you know what is truly light for you? ⁣ ⁣ We get used to who we are. Everything is familiar. When...
11 Nov
Let’s Talk Energy!
Category: Self-Love, Stress
Let’s talk energy. Whether you are someone who has a heightened sense of energy, or not, energy is truly our primary language.⁣ ⁣ It is the way we communicate with each other...
08 Nov
Universe, allow me to allow you
Category: Plans, Stress
⁣ This week in one of my Access Consciousness classes we were talking about one of the 5 elements of intimacy: ALLOWANCE⁣ ⁣ My daughter is in a big huge mystery right now. She̵...
01 Nov
Magic, Mystery and Manifestation
Category: Uncategorized
If you haven’t noticed these newsletters (and therefore my energy) have gotten really LIGHT energetically!  Have you been able to feel it?  That’s because – as I&...
23 Aug
What would it be like if you started to acknowledge YOU?
Category: Self-Love, Stress
What would it be like if you started to acknowledge YOU? When I first started embarking on a spiritual path in earnest (12 years ago), my teacher reflected, “I don’t th...
26 Jul
Do you feel like you don’t belong?
Category: Self-Love
Ever have the feeling that you don’t belong somewhere?  Don’t belong period? As someone on a spiritual path, I’m guessing this is not an unfamiliar feeling.  If y...
02 Jul
Open your door and Be YOU
Category: Self-Love
Are you being YOU?  Take a moment to sink in and truly answer that question for yourself….what does it MEAN to be truly YOU? I’m sitting in my kitchen writing to you an...
10 Jun
Are You Holding Your Own Hand?
Category: Self-Love, Stress
I just texted this to a friend: “I see you holding your own hands in support of you.” And as I reflect on the past 6+ weeks, I wonder how I’ve been holding my own...
19 Apr
Thrive as a result of tragedy? Really?!#%$?!
Category: Relationship Advice, Stress
Today I’m celebrating myself as a parent. Both of my kids have been through a hell of a year….and therefore, I’ve been through it too (those of you that are paren...