Can You Truly Know What You Desire?

As you know I’ve been traveling around a bit and this week I’ve been integrating a bunch of stuff from my 11 day trip to California.  One of the things that has become increasingly clear is how ALIGNED we need to be in our own hearts before….before ANYTHING at all.  

This is the ultimate act of LOVING YOURSELF.  

At the Tantra Festival there was lots of talk about DESIRE!  Ooohhhh….let your desires out; express yourself, speak up, become empowered, have those desires MET.  And of course I’m a complete YES to all of that.  

HOWEVER….unless you’re truly aligned inside yourself….unless you know who you are and ‘how’ you are in this particular moment… do you know what your TRUE desires are in the first place?

Otherwise, aren’t you just guessing?  Or following the crowd? Or doing what you think you’re supposed to be doing?  Or continuing with an old habitual pattern that likely doesn’t serve you? 

At the California Tantra Festival I taught two classes:  Dancing With The Divine (which was about aligning with your true self) and a class called Soul Transmission which is about how to tell the difference between your mind (ego or personality) and your true (soul) voice.  

Both of these classes are the direct path to knowing your true desires, IMHO.  And it’s not necessarily about pleasure.    To be honest, I could use a little break from all the “pleasure talk” — are we here on the planet to have pleasure only?  

I don’t think so.

I think we are here to LOVE – which is our true divine being. We cannot give what we do not have….that is why filling our cup first, before giving….before having our desires provided for (if that is an intention of yours), is the FIRST order of business. 

This week is Navaratri.  Tomorrow (Sunday) is the last day.  Navaratri, the Hindu celebration, is all about calling in the divine Mother (LOVE) into your life more prominently and FILLING UP with her presence; with love.  It’s a beautiful 9-day ritual.  The intention is to simplify your days and clear out what is in your way so you can come back to love!  (I love how they use my mantra!)  

So first things first – TRUE ALIGNMENT.  And then learning to hear your Soul Voice.

More on HOW next week!