Recently I went through one of those life trials where I might instead think, "Another f---ing growth opportunity!"  F.E.A.R was running the show.  Do you know some of the acronyms for "fear?"  Fck.Everything.And.Run is my favorite.  Also, False.Evidence.Appearing.Real another favorite of mine. As you know I spend my life practicing "come back to love" -- not only professionally...but very Read More


Remember those public service announcements? This is your brain…this is your brain on drugs.” An egg sizzles on a hot skillet indicating the harm that drugs can do to your brain. In Tantra, we can apply the exact same visual and words to describe your brain when you have sex except instead of polluting and Read More


Happy Valentine's Day to you whether you are single or partnered! I do love today as it's a whole day to remind us all of the practice: Come Back to Love™. BUT what about tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow? Come back to love is a daily practice....actually it's a moment-to-month practice. Our Intimate Puja Circles Read More


At the beginning of the new year, there's much talk about "goals" and setting them and looking towards them -- into the future we go!  And I used to do that, too.  I even found it helpful at times although I never met all of the goals I set out to "manifest."  Some of you read Read More


Remember when. . . The scent of your partner’s skin put a flare in your nostrils as you drank in their essence; You couldn’t keep your hands off each other. Love making could happen anytime and anywhere; There was an underlying passion to everything you did with each other; The smallest things mattered Fast forward Read More


As I grew up, I was very open-minded when it came to matters involving sexuality. I was also very conscious of my spirituality and the sense that someone or something bigger than I was involved in my life. The two most intimate aspects of my identity, however, operated totally separate from each other...or so I Read More


It doesn't come as a surprise to you that after a while, long term relationships typically struggle with intimacy and sexuality.  The fireworks that were once there in the beginning, tend to get less shiny, less sparkly, less exciting...and often they disappear altogether. Whether you're in relationship or not, you can feel like the fireworks Read More

Bored in the bedroom? Not-so-spicey in the sack? Are you ready to climb, or rather, leap your way out of the groove you have been making in your sexuality with your partner?   The one that feels impossible to change and leaves you wondering if you should continue the relationship or run for the hills Read More

Instead of keeping track of how much (or how little) sex you are having, or how many climaxes you have when you do have sex,how about we talk about how to raise the bar on how juicy, exciting, and mind-blowing your sex is when you do have it (either with yourself or with a partner.) Every Read More

What do you think I’m going to say here? You got it — the answer is NO! Tantra is an ancient spiritual practice and our spiritual practices begin with ourselves. Many of you have heard me say that the first relationship we have is with God/Spirit. As adults, the more we are able to connect with Read More