07 Aug
Leading With Your Heart
Category: Love
Being at the Tantra Festival as a participant this year and traveling for 2 weeks has been life-changing.  Especially because in the foreground is the very important awareness a...
21 Jul
S-P-O-N-T-A-N-E-I-T-Y = Self Love
Category: Love
This week my theme is S-P-O-N-T-A-N-E-I-T-Y I shouldn’t say this “week” because my assistant who is likely reading this knows that I declared this year, the ye...
18 Jul
Where’s The Passion? What To Do When He Looks Good On Paper!
Category: Love, Relationship Advice
I received an email from a reader this week asking really great questions about sexual chemistry and what potentially gets in the way of heart-open connection.  She asked a ques...
18 Jul
Unlock the Path to Intimacy in 3 Simple Steps
Category: Love, Relationship Advice, Self-Love
Are you feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from your partner? Ready to discover what it feels like to experience pleasure, passion, joy, and laughter from moment to moment? Wo...
02 May
What it Takes to Be, Stay & Continue In a Relationship
Category: Love, Relationship Advice
My wife, Carol, and I have been together for a long time and we’ve been through some good times and some bad.  In thinking about how we keep our relationship healthy, I came up ...
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