13 Dec
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Want to Escape the Hectic Life and Head for the Ocean?
Category: Plans, Self-Love, Stress
How does it get any better than luxuriating in good energy that uplifts you and creates a wonderful feeling of light? ⁣ ⁣ How often do you feel that – once/day? once/week? le...
08 Nov
Universe, allow me to allow you
Category: Plans, Stress
⁣ This week in one of my Access Consciousness classes we were talking about one of the 5 elements of intimacy: ALLOWANCE⁣ ⁣ My daughter is in a big huge mystery right now. She̵...
16 Apr
Shoot I was fired because I had beer in my ice cream truck! What?!*@!%#
Category: Love, Plans, Stress, Success
Serious question — are you holding any grudges right now? Still angry at your partner, or friend, who betrayed you? Annoyed that your mail got wet from the spring snow storm?...
21 Dec
Dreaming into next year through the doorway of the Winter Solstice
Category: Love, Plans
Such a potent time of year right now. The Winter Solstice is upon us — Monday, Dec 21st at 5:02 am EST to be exact (time converter here.)  As you know, it’s the shortes...
14 Dec
Are you passionate about LOVE?
Category: Love, Plans, Self-Love
How are you doing as the holidays approach? Hanukkah began this week and Christmas and New Year’s Eve are a few weeks away.  On the one hand, it’s amazing to me that 20...