23 Aug
What would it be like if you started to acknowledge YOU?
Category: Self-Love, Stress
What would it be like if you started to acknowledge YOU? When I first started embarking on a spiritual path in earnest (12 years ago), my teacher reflected, “I don’t...
26 Jul
Do you feel like you don’t belong?
Category: Self-Love
Ever have the feeling that you don’t belong somewhere?  Don’t belong period? As someone on a spiritual path, I’m guessing this is not an unfamiliar feeling.  I...
02 Jul
Open your door and Be YOU
Category: Self-Love
Are you being YOU?  Take a moment to sink in and truly answer that question for yourself….what does it MEAN to be truly YOU? I’m sitting in my kitchen writing to you...
10 Jun
Are You Holding Your Own Hand?
Category: Self-Love, Stress
I just texted this to a friend: “I see you holding your own hands in support of you.” And as I reflect on the past 6+ weeks, I wonder how I’ve been holding my ...
29 Mar
Are you living from your heart or have you given that up?
Category: Love, Self-Love, Stress
If you’ve experienced the loss of someone close to you, a betrayal, or fear pertaining to being vulnerable, you probably are wondering how you can possibly feel the love in rela...
22 Mar
What happens when you’re afraid?
Category: Self-Love, Stress
What happens to you when you’re afraid? This year, perhaps more than ever, anxiety rates are soaring, fear is at the forefront of practically everything we hear on the new...
15 Mar
I didn’t go down the rabbit hole this week….wanna know how?
Category: Self-Love, Stress, Success
So this week something happened that could have sent me down the rabbit hole of sadness, devastation and “poor me” and guess what? That didn’t happen. Yes, I h...
22 Feb
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My fav self care tip….
Category: Self-Love
I’ve been obsessed with self-care and healing for my entire adult life. A friend just sent me a Marco Polo (video chat, love this app) and reflected that I really spend a ...
15 Feb
Happy Valentine’s Day! YOU are # 1
Category: Love, Self-Love
Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Happy SELF LOVING DAY to you! Happy JOYFUL beautiful day to you….. I’m curious how your love, respect and honor practice is going...
08 Feb
The Real Meaning of Valentine’s Day
Category: Love, Relationship Advice, Self-Love
With Valentine’s Day upon us, I’m starting to see newsletters and emails about chocolate, love, hearts, commitment, etc. I’m sure you are too. My focus however...