09 Nov
What does it mean to “be in your heart?” Join me and find out….
Category: Love, Self-Love
How many times have you heard, “I’m in my head too much!” or “He’s too in his head!” Or “You should be more in your heart….”...
12 Oct
The wisdom of the Trees....
The wisdom of the Trees….
Category: Love, Self-Love
What’s bringing you JOY today? It’s gorgeous here in New England right now….every day the trees show us a little bit more of their inner journey….their v...
05 Oct
Do you know your True Self?
Category: Love, Self-Love
ūüíü Our True Self, our Best Interest, our Highest Self, our God Self….what does it all mean? You’ve heard those words before yes? You’ve had someone speak of the...
28 Sep
Category: Self-Love, Stress
Have you ever woken up and suddenly realized that you need a vacation?¬† Or you need to just STOP doing what you’re doing?¬† You need simplicity rather than engaging with al...
14 Sep
What if we all stopped seeking?
Category: Self-Love, Stress
There’s a lot of talk¬†out there about “manifesting” — and especially in the last decade or so since The Secret was published (but of course way before th...
08 Sep
tree hugger
Category: Love, Self-Love, Stress
I don’t know about you but this past week with the full moon and the transition from summer to fall (up here in the northern hemisphere) seemed to create a swirl of energy...
05 Jul
How Do You Handle Betrayal?
Category: Love, Relationship Advice, Self-Love
It’s been such an emotional time, huh?¬† I said from the beginning of the pandemic that we are all being brought to our knees in order to see more clearly (and kiss the gro...
28 Jan
Welcome to a year of SELF LOVE! #ComeBackToLove365
Category: Self-Love
Welcome to 2020!¬† A year of self-proclaimed ‚ÄúCommitment to Me‚ÄĚ and the beginning of an adventure in SELF LOVE. I‚Äôm just back from the shortest but most powerful visit to Kripalu...
25 Nov
Find peace amidst the chaos of the holidays
Category: Love, Self-Love, Stress, Success,...
So yesterday I wrote you a long missive while sitting in the mall waiting for my daughter while she shopped and enjoyed the holiday energy with a friend of her’s.¬† It was ...
08 Nov
My Private Journal Entries
Category: Love, Self-Love, Success, Tantra
Many of you have been asking how I’m doing with the ::SPACE:: I’ve created/taken and what’s happening in the PAUSE?¬† I’ve been doing a lot of writing abo...