Come Back to Love ® After Loss
A 5-Day Healing Retreat

Now is the time to come back to love and heal from loss.

I invite you to join me for a 5-day retreat beyond this reality

that brings a huge dose of healing and completion.

Come Back to Love® After Loss
with Robyn Vogel, Psychotherapist,
Intuitive Soul Journey Coach and an
expert in healing after loss

Wednesday Feb 23 – Sunday Feb 27, 2022

Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts


  • Lost after almost 2 years of the pandemic?
  • Devastated by what you’ve personally lost during this time?
  • Grief and anger about someone who has died in the past year or longer?
  • Curious about how to move through grief that seems unending?
  • Plagued by sadness that just won’t go away?

Do you feel the need for time just for you to tend to your heart, nurture yourself and come home anew?


  • S-p-a-c-i-o-u-s-n-e-s-s you are sooooooo ready for!
  • Conscious movement every day
  • Quiet meditation so you can go inside and hear the whispers
  • Deep and sustainable letting go and releasing
  • What’s yours and what isn’t yours (this is vital to know)
  • Tools you can use daily at home to continue feeling LIGHT
  • Personal attention in a small workshop environment to support your healing and growth

You might experience communion with yourself without judgment, but with love and compassion instead!

Meet Robyn Vogel...

Robyn Vogel, MA is a psychotherapist, certified relationship coach and creator of Come back to Love®.

Robyn integrates psychology principles with spiritual and tantric philosophy and practice. She teaches but also demonstrates how to master the skills of intimacy and the art of living a life filled with love no matter what.

Robyn has experienced a tremendous amount of traumatic loss on her life. Beginning at age 6 when her mother was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer the losses began. While her mother slipped away, Robyn tried hard to remember who she was but as most humans do….she forgot!

Loss after loss….her mom at age 10, her first love at age 15, her dad at age 30, her partner at age 43 and more.

Clearly one of Robyn’s soul purposes this time ’round is to heal her own losses, projections, challenges, assumptions and points of view about loss and also to support others in doing the same.

What else is possible?

Robyn’s superpower is intimacy and warmth. She shepherds all to return to a loving connection with themselves that is built on trust, honor, vulnerability, allowance, and gratitude.

Those who are struggling in life, feeling lost around love, and deeply crave connection gain much insight, ease, and joy in their lives during their work with Robyn.

For 20 years she’s been teaching the spirituality of intimacy and love that grounds from within, removes obstacles to loving deeply, and is steeped in the connection and guidance of the Universe. If you’re not trusting the Universe…who are you trusting?

Robyn facilitates workshops and leads destination retreats internationally. She has been recognized as an expert in her field by the Boston Globe, Redbook Magazine and Digital Romance, Inc and offers professional training for therapists and spiritually-seeking students.


You will leave with a way to integrate all that you released and learned during this retreat. There will be opportunities to experience Access Bars ® sessions and other forms of body and energy work. These are optional and oh-so-powerful!


Accommodations at the beautiful Nine Mountain Retreat Center in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. Gorgeous during all seasons! Warm, cozy spaces for workshop, and a beyond reality hot tub on the deck under a stunning starry sky!

Food is included in this all-inclusive retreat. Gourmet vegetarian fare prepared by our inn keeper with as many local resources as possible. The food is divine!

Fire Circle
We will have access to a huge fire pit for a fire ritual (assuming weather supports us) and you can spend time by the fire as well for your own restoration from the elements.

You will be guided throughout the weekend with expert facilitation from Robyn. We will create sacred space together for our group process. There will be hours during the day when we are in workshop and hours during the day when you will have solo time (or socializing time) to integrate, process, and relax into what is changing and shifting inside you.

As soon as you step into this opportunity and say YES to yourself, you will immediately feel supported in your healing. As soon as you sign up, you’ll be invited into a FB group where we can begin to connect and get to know each other. After the retreat, the group will stay open and we will meet during future scheduled connect times for follow up.

Ready to Join Us?

$1997 (shared room)
$2997 (private room)

Early Bird pricing — take $100 off until Jan 1, 2022

There are only two private rooms available. To reserve these, you must email Robyn directly at

The rooms are lovely and unique. The whole house is ours and it becomes our home away from home.

  • Sip warm tea with a blanket after a relaxing hot tub under the stars.
  • Grab a book or sit at the piano bench and play some tunes.
  • Someone always has a guitar for playful singing any time!
  • There’ll be lots of dancing and moving and laughing and playing!

How to reserve yourself a space:

1. Get ready for a life-changing experience.
2. Choose your room (private or shared.)
3. Click here to make a deposit and choose your payment plan (make sure you choose the right room choice for you)
4. Text me and tell me “I’m in!” and please sign your name to the text! 508-380-9254
5. Friend me on FB if we aren’t already so I can add you to the private group.


1. What airport should I fly into?

Albany, NY and Hartford, CT are the two closest airports. You can also fly into Boston and perhaps hop a ride with someone. You can rent a car and we will also do our best to coordinate rides.

2. What about COVID?

Everyone attending must be fully vaccinated, get a PCR test 2-3 days prior to arriving and have a negative rapid test on arrival (provided for you.) We hope you understand that we cannot refund you if you test positive 3 days prior or as you are walking in. Please know that you’re taking a risk during these pandemic times.

3. What if I’m not sure about coming?

Great, I love that you’re in the question. Ask the question to the Universe and to your body, and also call me. No pressure…we will just discuss your situation and whether it feels like a good fit or not.

4. What is your cancelation policy?

If you cancel by Dec 23rd, you will receive a full refund minus $150 admin fee. If you cancel by or before Jan 23rd, you will receive a 50% refund. After Jan 23rd, we do not offer any refunds.

There are only two private rooms available. To reserve these, you must email Robyn directly at

So can’t wait to be with you…how does it get any better than that?