Come Back To Love® Coaching

This is for all of the couples out there are feeling unhappy in their relationship. You’re not having enough sex. You feel resentful more often than you feel intimate. Perhaps you are hanging by a thread. You’re feeling angry, and distant, but not ready to call it quits after all these years – after all you’ve been through.

Somehow we believe that love is all you need. Right?

If only I could tell my clients “Just go home, love each other, sing a jingle, and viola – all is well!”

Actually, my invitation would probably be something like this – “Call in the babysitter. Go home and set the table. Light the candles. Dust off that old Joni Mitchell record. Reminisce about the good ol’ days and make passionate love to each other all night long. Then come back and see me in a week.”

But you’re probably not ready for that again – just yet. The thought of making passionate love probably causes you to shudder. If she would just stop doing _____ and he would just for once in his life _____ then you could be happy, right?

How do you fix this? What does it really mean to truly L-O-V-E?

What does it mean to love deeply, be vulnerable, connect passionately – to return to that sacred place of pure love? Remember how it felt when you first met?

I teach you how to come back to that place. To Come Back to Love® where your heart skips a beat when you see each other, and you find yourself day-dreaming, you can’t keep your hand off each other and you’re planning your next getaway.

It’s possible. But love is dynamic. It changes. It grows. You change. You grow. Your needs change. Life INSISTS on this!

And, believe it or not, all you need is a little bit of hope and direction from someone who knows. I will act as your Sacred Love Guide and help you remember why you got together in the first place. I will teach you exactly how to heal your relationship once and for all, and put an end to the arguing and harmful words that are oh-so-hard to take back.

So, for the sake of the kids. For the sake of all the time you’ve put into your relationship. For the sake of anything and everything right and holy – WHATEVER your reasons – I can help you.

Who is Come Back to Love® Coaching meant for?

  • Couples that are feeling distant and disconnected
  • Couples whose sexual connection has gone downhill and want to get it back
  • Relationships recovering after infidelity
  • Couples deciding whether to stay together or not

What if my partner doesn’t want to join me? Do you have any tips on how to get him/her to come with me?

Sometimes one person is more inclined or open to working with a therapist or coach. I don’t blame them. It can be scary to bring up subjects that you are not used to talking about. Ever notice that you have sex but you don’t talk about it much? For those couples where one person is longing for the growth and uplifting possible by seeking couples therapy, and the other is not, I offer a 1/2 hour phone consult where the 3 of us speak together. This will give your partner an idea of how open, relaxed and welcoming I am and how comfortable they can actually feel stepping into this deep work.

What happens in our first session?

During a session with me, we will begin by taking an inventory of your relationship and what you each feel amazing about and where you each feel there’s room to grow. There is never an assumption that anything is ‘wrong’ — only that you are here because you want to amplify the good, and heal built up resentments. Together we will determine the course our sessions will take (thematically) but all sessions include the following: Conscious Communication Skills, Active Listening, The Fine Art of Appreciation, The Art of Adoration, and Tantra Practices (breathwork, yoga, guided meditations and visualizations), Sacred Sexuality techniques, and a whole lot more!

What’s the cost of coaching?

Ready to dive right in? Feeling overwhelmed about how to do this deep personal (and private) work all on your own? To reward your commitment to your success, I’d like to offer you 50% off my one time Spark a Sexy, Satisfying and Soulful Relationship Breakthrough Session. In just one hour, we can dive deeply into your relationship and create radical shifts that will start you on the path back to love. Act fast to benefit from the 50% discount. Click here to reserve your spot.