Welcome to a year of SELF LOVE! #ComeBackToLove365

Welcome to 2020!  A year of self-proclaimed “Commitment to Me” and the beginning of an adventure in SELF LOVE.

I’m just back from the shortest but most powerful visit to Kripalu Center for Yoga in Lenox, MA.  A beautiful place to spend the end of a decade and the beginning of a new year.

My friend Suzy Spivey and I made a close-to-last-minute decision to be there and why not throw in some structure in the form of a workshop called, “You Are Not Stuck.”  We thought some structure would be good!  Little did we know…

The title is misleading since I went in feeling so lucky to not be perhaps one of the only ones ay this workshop who actually is NOT stuck in their lives.  And it’s true on the one hand … I’ve been so blessed these last several years. So much has been flowing and opening and I feel so grateful!  So much love!!!

And then, as we say,….there’s this: The places I remain stuck.  They showed up in full force (as they often do for this Scorpio) during this 14-hour chock full of invitations to dive into – workshop – with the esteemed Becky Vollmer, my new best friend.

At first I couldn’t find what I knew was still inside me: grief.  I knew it was still in there because I started to see the ways some habits and patterns were covering it up.  I started to see ways that I avoid feeling the depth of sadness and despair.  Anything to avoid that pain.

We read a great chapter in The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer on finding your “thorn” – the one sticking in your side that you can’t seem to find, or ignore??

I found grief in my clenched muscles, my painful joints, in tight places in my body that hurt when i move in ways that used to be easy. I knew it was somewhere but it took a daily asana practice in the context of this sacred space of a workshop to find it.

From there we allowed guidance to come thru – what’s next? How do I heal?  What’s the first step? How will I receive support?

What developed was my own personal playbook of steps to take toward loving MYSELF along with a commitment to do this out loud with and for anyone who wants to join me.


#comebacktolove365 is the hashtag because it’s 2020 and how can you do anything without a hashtag??

My commitment to me, and the steps I’m taking towards my own SELF LOVE and healing, is to post daily. Why?  Because we all need inspiration.

We all need to know we are not alone.

We all need to love ourselves more in order to be our One True Self on the planet.

We all need to laugh at ourselves and what better way to do that then in the company of other beloveds.

We all need to hear the truth even when it’s messy, without shame.

I’ve made a big commitment to myself.  And Suzy agreed to be one of my main supports.

I’ll share more as we go but I want to INVITE YOU to join me over there.  Where?

I’m not going to post every day here on this list.  I only want to share with those of you interested in your own journey and commitment to YOUR HEALING and SELF LOVE.

I want you to be there if you are also on a healing journey.  If you also have a backlog of grief to release, a body that needs MORE LOVE than it’s been getting, a spiritual practice that’s yet to start, a project you’ve been putting off.

I want you to listen in and participate if you’ve been struggling to love yourself, your children and family or find a life partner.  If you’re stuck in a job you hate, a relationship that’s been over, or a home you’ve grown out of.

If you haven’t taken the precious self-loving steps to make a life for yourself that’s filled with HEALTH, HAPPINESS,  PEACE and PROSPERITY….then I’d like you to join me.

This is Day # 1 of #comebacktolove365.  364 more posts to go!  (LAUGH!)

Here is the link for you so that those of you that want to follow along, commit with me, read, laugh, cry, share and more can do so.

I invite you always to COME BACK TO LOVE.  No matter what!!!

With love and deep appreciation for sharing the journey,