Do you know your True Self?

💟 Our True Self, our Best Interest, our Highest Self, our God Self….what does it all mean? You’ve heard those words before yes? You’ve had someone speak of them, or you’ve been invited to connect with this part of yourself….or you read it in a book that it’s a good idea to do so.

But what is it and how do you know when you’re there? Well of course….there are tome written about this connection to spirit, attuning to your soul, the monkey mind that distracts and so much more.

I like to keep things simple and it’s in the simplicity that we more easily grasp concepts anyway….so let’s keep it there! 🙂

Most of us spend 99.999999% of our time in our minds. Our minds (or we can call the mind, the ego) have one job and one job only — to distract us from our hearts.

The mind tells us stories, feeds us with thoughts, drive us down the rabbit holes of why we’re upset with so-and-so for doing whatever with whomever….the ego brings us to the brink of rage and devastation….and all this while we are taking a shower in the morning to get ready for a beautiful day! Ha ha!!! (it happened to me this morning!!!)

There’s a misperception about meditation. Most of you would probably say something like, “I can’t do it….my mind is so busy.” “I can only meditate for 5 minutes because I get distracted.” “I’d rather exercise or listen to music.”

The misperception is that your complaint about meditation means you’re not meditating…or that it isn’t possible.

The mind does what it does. The tires on your car make your car roll forward. Your doorbell rings when you press it because it’s supposed to. When you turn the knob on the sink to the right, cold water comes out. Yay. All these things do what they’re supposed to do. This is good.

Yet when the mind does what the mind does we say, “Ooohhhh this is bad!”

We try to “fix” it by quieting the mind.

What if the REAL reason to meditate was to connect with your True Nature, Best Interest, Highest Self?

🗨What if when you sat down to meditate, instead of judging the voracious way the mind is ‘thinking’ instead you noticed, “Wow, my mind is doing a lot of thinking right now…..” Watch. Notice. See what happens. If it shifts….interesting. If it doesn’t shift…..interesting.

Now…TAP ON YOUR HEART. Take your hand, a few fingers perhaps and tap on your HEART. 💖 Bring your focus to your HEART. Stay there….breathe deeply. Relax your body. Lay your hand flat on your heart and feel.

What emotions do you notice? What message is there for you? Ask a question and see what response you receive (make sure you stay with your heart as it’s easy to meander back up to your mind…and your ego will fight tooth and nail to distract you, remember?)

This is your True Self, you Best Interest, Your Highest/God Self. Feel the energy…..feel the feelings. See the colors, hear the music of your Soul….through your HEART. 🌷

It takes practice. It’s a good practice.

It’s the FIRST STEP TO LOVING YOURSELF….knowing and accepting yourself in these not-so-subtle ways.