Come Back to Love® Coach Robyn Vogel has shared her expertise about relationships, love and sex in a variety of forums. For a stronger sense of what it’s like to experience Robyn firsthand, click the play button on the audio clips embedded below.

Change Your Story, Change Your Life – 2015


Kick the Fear Addiction Telesummit with Kathy Schleim – 2015


OM Times Radio Eros Evolution with Dr. Martha Tara Lee and Robyn Vogel – 2015

Hear Robyn discuss the Balance of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

One transformational part of Tantra practice is learning to align and re-balance the divine masculine and divine feminine inside ourselves. The benefits of this balancing are tremendous and include: more energy and less fatigue, releasing fear and coming back to love, improving relationships so there’s less conflict and more understanding, expanding sexual pleasure and, creating a viable business model that isn’t simply a healing practice but also lucrative business.

The Self-Love Secret; Discover the Keys to Confidence, Freedom, and Loving Relationships with Cole Bombino – 2015


Conscious Soul Mates: Heat of the Night with Susan Ortolano – 2015




After Dark Radio Show with Ande Lyons  – 2013

Hear Robyn discuss the concept of “Divorce With Love.”

Imagine how profound a divorce would be for all involved… if it came from a place of love and compassion?

Rebooting Your Mojo with Janet Powers and Mary Jo Rapini – 2010

Hear Robyn discuss how women’s cheating may reflect a “Leak in Their Vase”