From discovering letters from her childhood sweetheart to a commitment to heal in 12 weeks!?!

I promised to share a case study with you today about the journey Lucy and Tal took to come back together after falling apart when Lucy discovered emails and hand-written letters from Tal’s childhood sweetheart.

Upon starting our work together, the two of them were filled with a swirl of emotions from fear to fury. Tal called after Lucy found the letters and put 2+2 together: her wife was having an affair with her ex from a long time ago. They had reconnected during a business trip. Several business trips. Her ex was completely in love with her and expressing it profusely via email and snail mail.

We did what we needed to do: We got to work FAST…

We created a safe space to talk about what was currently going on and what had been going on during the past few months. Not easy to do but possible when you know your ultimate goal is to get out from under the pain you are feeling in the moment.

We set up guidelines for communication, they learned the most valuable tool there is so they could actually listen without arguing (too much) and when they were ready, we dug in.

We identified the path to healing specific to their situation, their skills and what they were ready for (everyone has their own pace).

I taught them how to support their healing rather than undermine it (which is what most people do).

Let’s be honest—this situation can be untenable. It’s crazy making. And traumatizing. Unless you have the right help and expert guidance, you can get lost in the details and continue feeling disoriented, lost and afraid.

They thought they’d never have a REAL connection with each other again. They thought they’d never move forward to having a family together – something they had been talking about for a long time now.

Within 12 weeks they were able to identify why Tal was leaning out of the relationship creating one with someone else; what drew her to this behavior that she didn’t see as “herself” and how the 2 of them got into this mess to begin with. They got clear on their intention to move forward and were really courageous in the work we did together. They slowly rebuilt trust (yes, this takes time) and last I heard they fostered a child, and Lucy healed from breast cancer.

They built a new relationship with strength, resilience and trust at the foreground.

You deserve this too.

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