Have Some Laughter and Love Today

Today on the Daily Intimacy we had guest Bonnie Divina Maa, RN, CCRN, who is an Intuitive Healer that works primarily with shamanic, yogic, and tantric modalities. As a songwriter, musician, and sound healer, she is passionate about opening the voice and believes that the sounds of our own voices are some of our best medicine.

In today’s Daily Intimacy, Bonnie helps us weave various sounds and tones with movement to open our throat centers so that our minds and hearts can find sweet union and coherence.

These practices are also designed to help you to open up to your inner voice, the place of your intuition. There was so much laughter! Listen to the Daily Intimacy below to take part in this rich experience!

Scroll to minute 52 if you want a dose of LAUGHTER YOGA!!! Feel good!!!

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You can learn more about Bonnie at www.AwakenAscend.com


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