I didn’t go down the rabbit hole this week….wanna know how?

So this week something happened that could have sent me down the rabbit hole of sadness, devastation and “poor me” and guess what? That didn’t happen.

Yes, I had feelings (the feels as my friend Cynce calls them) – I let myself feel angry and express it; I let myself feel sad…and cry. No rabbit hole though.

You know that rabbit hole? When your thoughts turn to “nevers” and “always” — when the trigger gets to the core wound and you feel like it’ll never stop?

How many times this year have you heard yourself saying things like, “This is never going to end…I’m going to be stuck inside forever.” or “I’m never going to make enough money…not while this pandemic is still going on….” Or “Shit….I’m alone and now I cannot even date….I’ll probably die by myself.”

Or some version of those.

My answer for you is: When was the last time you used one of the tools of Come Back To Love®? (If you’re asking, what are those tools again? I’m glad! You’re about to learn more….)

The tools of Come Back To Love® are plentiful and powerful. They are a road map to happiness, joy and abundance in your life. They most importantly can bring you back to a state of PURE JOY (and love) no matter what is happening in your life.

There’s more than I can put into a newsletter but you know I share different tools each week. This week what stopped me from going into a state of devastation and feeling really hopeless was this:

1. I let myself feel angry and expressed it.
2. I allowed my tears when they were there.
3. I STOPPED myself each time I noticed my thoughts taking me on a Train Ride to Negative Land. I got off that train by turning my thoughts around!

# 3 — This is what I wanted to highlight this week — getting off the Train Ride to Negative Land and replacing those thoughts with something else RIGHT AWAY.

Do something or say something fun, joyful to yourself! Listen to a fun piece of music, like this.

I’ve been teaching CBTL skills and tools for 20 years now and I’m FINALLY creating something so that they are clearly defined, written, expressed so that you can use them effectively.

I’ve learned SO much in the past 12 months and I am ready to get this down in writing, to some live teaching and practicing. Nothing is more important than being LOVE in the world….

The practice of Come Back To Love® empowers you to thrive in all areas of love and life. How can it get any better than that?

Stay tuned for more information about an upcoming offer just for you, Robyn.