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World-Renowned Tantra and Relationship Experts On Love, Intimacy and Sexuality
Learn from the experts in this complete audio series!

Nine of the world’s experts and authors on Tantra and Relationships share their personal stories, talk about their work and offer their best strategies for creating more love, sex and intimacy in your life.
  • Have you settled for mediocre in love?
  • Same old routine sex?
  • No sex at all?
  • Feeling empty or lonely even while in relationship?
  • Wondering if s/he heard you?
  • Yearning for something different (fantasizing about leaving)?
  • Are you just not willing to live this way anymore?

Ignite Your Heart,
Transform Your Relationship

is perfect for couples and singles, LGBTQI, and any relationship style.
Everyone will benefit!
  • Hands on training for a happy, joyful, sexy, passionate, and loving relationship
  • Heal hurt and resentments that are blocking bliss
  • Bring back desire stronger than ever
  • New paradigm for intimacy that infuses every day with joy, purpose and connection
  • Unleash your sexual potential and access your divine self
  • Master the vital tools to enhance your communication and fall in love all over again

Bonuses Include:

  • 15-minute astrological soul relationship reading
  • A half hour Joy Life Coaching session

Our featured experts:

Expert: Leah Alchin
Sexual Healing – A Journey to Heal the Collective Feminine
  • Listen to your “yoniverse,” the internal wise women
  • Develop sexual self-healing practice and increase your self esteem, your sexual power
  • Authentically embody yourself as the confident, whole, healed, and happy woman you are
  • Learn how the 7 different energy centers impact you psychologically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
  • Quadruple the length of your climax
  • Avoid the pitfalls of the ever-elusive clitoral orgasm.
Bonus: Bonus: Download audio cd of “Tantric Practices & Principles”, a dvd download, “Tantric Love Dance Positions Video”
Leah is an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator™ and has been a student of Tantra since 1997. She is Vice President and the Director of Events and Primary Female Facilitator for Source School of Tantra Yoga®.

Expert: Dawn Cartwright
Tantra: Awakening Through Devotion
  • Explore the realm of Tantra as it applies to love, relationship and intimacy
  • Experience and learn Tantric meditations that open your heart to each other when you choose or need
  • Tap into your sexual potential, freeing it as you open your body, heart, and soul
  • Learn how breath and movement effect your Kundalini, your sexual energy
Dawn Cartwright is a Tantric visionary, sacred writer, world traveler, and innovator in bio-energetic Tantra fusion.

Expert: Michael Mirdad
Creating Fulfilling Relationships: Reclaiming Love, Desire and Passion
  • Gain a true perspective on the ancient Tantra philosophy
  • Understand the art of Tantra and sacred sexuality
  • Discover the four stages of a sacred sexual experience and the principles necessary to create healthy boundaries
Bonus: Michael’s teaching on The Art of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality
Michael Mirdad is a World-renowned Spiritual Teacher, Healer, and Author. He has worked as a Healer and Counselor for over 30 years and is the author of many best-selling books.

Expert: Nina Manolson
Sizzling, Smokin’ and Sexy – This Can Be YOU!
  • Set up a self-care routine that puts yourself and your relationship on the TOP of the priority list!
  • Discover what turns you into smokin’ hot wo/man
  • Learn healthy lifestyle choices that ignite your energy each morning
  • Feel sexy and full of life!
Bonus: “What to Do & What to Eat: The Busy Mom’s Solution to
Feeling Smokin’ Hot” Program
Nina Manolson is an internationally renowned Holistic Health Coach who teaches busy women how to prioritize themselves so they look and feel their very best! Nina coaches those who are great at taking care of everyone else but have neglected themselves.

Expert: Ginger Burr
Embody Beauty! Learn How to Add Beauty to Your Personal Style and Create Sacred Space for You and Your Partner!
  • Develop the skills to express your inner beauty outwardly (what’s more attractive than that?)
  • Know where to find the most beautiful things that express your love
  • Learn the key thing to stay connected with your partner
  • Create a sacred and beautiful space for you and your partner to connect in
Bonus: “How To Create a Personal Style That Looks Beautiful From the
Inside Out” and “Radiant From The Inside Out” Tele-Presentations
Ginger Burr has built a remarkable career as an expert personal image consultant who gently and intuitively helps women communicate who they are through what they wear.

Expert: Prana (Regina Barrett)
Transforming Relationships Through Tantra Practices
  • Identify how to live a life that reflects your true purpose
  • Develop tools to communicate the support you need to be yourself in relationship
  • Discover 3 techniques that deepen intimacy, increase vitality and inner strength.
  • Benefit from the wisdom of a long-term couple that is still sizzling with love and great sex!
Prana (Regina Barrett), BS, MIA, ERYT, CYT is the founder, lead tantra educator and yoga therapist at Tantra to Love™ and author of her soon to be published book Lighter. A Guide for Tantra Lifestyle™.

Expert: Rich Walkden
The Secrets to Staying in Love!
  • Learn exactly what to do when you and your partner are arguing
  • Be inspired to stay in a loving open heart space even when your partner is upset
  • Feel heard and understood by your partner on a regular basis
  • Have the tools you need to feel relaxed and in love again
Bonus: Special Report: “Secrets to a Solid Relationship Hidden in Plain Sight!”
Rich Walkden is a well-loved and respected leader in the 48-year-old non-profit global organization, The Human Awareness Institute (HAI). His relationship path with his wife Anne, from dating to a deep and powerful marriage union, personifies the HAI, and Come Back To Love™ principles in action.

Expert: Ande Lyons
Stay Tuned In and Turned On with Bring Back Desire!
  • Know what to do when desire for your partner is waning (or feels like it’s disappeared!)
  • Relax into more intimacy with your sweetie
  • Learn the 6 sizzling tips to staying tuned in and turned on!
Bonus: The “Six Sizzling Sexy Tips!” to Heighten Pleasure and Desire
Ande Lyons is the founder and Chief Passion Curator for, where she shares tips, tools and resources with women who want more intimacy, sensuality and sexual excitement in their lives.

Expert: Robyn Vogel
Dance in the Fire of Divine Connection!
  • Join Robyn and develop a plan to actualize what you have learned.
  • Integrate the interviews
  • Sift through the important aspects unique to your love life, and bring it into life going forward
  • Create a healthy, sustainable relationship
  • Start a Tantra practice and grow in love together
Bonus: Ignite Your Heart, Transform Your Relationship Action Plan e-book – everything you need to implement the expert advice you received. Plus receive one free coaching session with Robyn. Email her –
Robyn Vogel’s Bio:
Come Back to Love® Coach Robyn Vogel lives and breathes her passion—helping couples “Find Us Again” through improving all aspects of their relationships. Not your typical couples therapist,  Robyn uses traditional, spiritual and energetic methods and tools to help remove both tangible and intangible barriers to true intimacy. One key component to Robyn’s work is her role as a Tantric Intimacy and Professional Sex Coach, as great sex is such a key component to sustaining and deepening a loving relationship.  Robyn is a Certified Sex Educator, psychotherapist, mother, entrepreneur, and love-adventurer! Robyn brings joy, wisdom, humor and warmth to support others on their own healing journeys. Robyn is a regular featured contributor for Digital Romance, Inc and Self Growth. TV appearances include Sex for Her Health and Happiness.
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Transform Your Relationship
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Ignite My Heart and Transform My Relationship!
Ignite Your Heart, Transform Your Relationship is hosted by Robyn Vogel of Come Back To Love® Tantra and Relationship Coaching. Please visit for more information!
Disclaimer: Robyn Vogel is not personally responsible for any advice given by any of the telesummit speakers. You take part at your own risk and take responsibility for your own health, relationship and well being.