Is staying in LOVE really possible?

What stirs in my heart this morning is LOVE….

I know you are probably not surprised to read that. As my friend, Josh reflected to me this week, “Robyn, you are a living, breathing reminder of LOVE.” I guess that is true….(I humbly accept that assignment…)

How about YOU though? Do you accept YOUR assignment to be a living, breathing reminder of LOVE?

I believe you’re part of the Come Back To Love community because in part, our reason for being on the planet is similar. Your expression of LOVE on the planet may look different from mine but none-the-less, we are walking the same Path.

I’m not talking about the romantic love that is shared, exchanged, played with, manipulated, feared, the kind that depends on whether the emotional gates are open, or closed.

I’m talking about Divine Love. The kind of eternal, candle of light that never goes out inside you. The LOVE your Soul understands that traverses time and space, and past/future lives and civilizations. That kind of LOVE.

It’s my hope that you’ve had some experience with this kind of LOVE, or that you are at least striving to feel it on a regular basis when you sit down to meditate or to another spiritual practice that brings you inside.

This is our heart beating. The blood pulsing through our veins….as reliable as the moon rising as the sun sets each day. This gift of LIFE, of being on the planet right now, is born through Divine Love.

When you rise to the occasion of feeling, or being willing to feel this Divine Love….then you know you’re in a place of Alignment and Truth. It’s that space we want to move through the world from, make our decisions from, interact with our lovers and friends…..

What happens often though is we get thrown out of Alignment. Someone rejects us, we have an argument with our partners, our kids piss us off….and then we are back on the other playing field (the one with romantic love and resentments, irritations and more…)

Then we sit on our meditation cushions and try to make our way back to Divine Love where there’s nothing but PEACE, CALM, EASE and GRACE. Oh, and JOY! ūüôā

We all play on the different fields of love — the very human, I-want-you-can’t-wait-to-have-you love and the purest, most beautiful ever-present Divine Love.

And the invitation is to stay in the vibration of Divine Love and keep the gates to your heart open (no matter what!)

My intention is to keep the gate open to my heart no matter what the other chooses in the moment. That’s being true to myself and being true to Love (and when someone closes the gate to their heart, it’s simply because they’re afraid….so why not have compassion for them?)

Curious as always to hear how your heart is and how you are navigating LOVE these days.

I invite you to do your spiritual practice regularly, track feelings/themes that need healing in the emotional realm…and keep your heart open no matter what!

With abundant love and curiosity!