It’s Halloween! Are You Putting On A Mask (or taking one OFF?)

If you are in the US, you might be thinking about Halloween coming up really soon.  Wondering what mask to put on?  I’ve got your back and some good creative thinking around this.  You probably know what I’m going to say now….do you?  (take a guess, pause and then keep reading because you could actually win something awesome which just in this moment came to me as an inspiration!!) 

I am going to propose that we have our own special CBTL HALLOWEEN (no matter where you are in the world!) 

Come Back To Love Halloween!

How’s that you may ask?

Well….here we go!

I’ve been talking about SELF LOVE very directly for the past 4 months in this newsletter (I’ve been talking about for YEARS actually.) 

Let me remind you that is where we are focused: on your and my ability to love ourselves truly and deeply. 

And live from that relaxed place of receiving, feeling joy and peace more often (which I’m so enjoying these days!) 

So instead of putting a mask ON on Halloween night, I’m going to invite you to take your masks OFF instead.  

But first, you need to identify the masks you are wearing!

All day every day we are wearing masks.  Despite the fact that they usually play a good role in our lives or at least did in the past – they block us from BE-ing our True Selves in the world.  

Think about it this way — literally right now I am waiting for a client that I’ve been seeing for 6 or 7 years now. It’s a long term therapeutic relationship.  It’s therapeutic because I play the role as therapist and she plays the role of client. But this is a mask I wear when I step into this hour of my day.  

My True Self isn’t “THERAPIST” — or “SEX COACH” or “TANTRA TEACHER/GUIDE”  — my True Self is loving, kind, open, curious, compassionate and a whole lot more.

Yes, these things do make me a good ______ (fill in the blank.)  And in this session, I have committed to keeping this mask on and to being as authentic as I possibly can. At home, I play “parent” to my daughter which provides me with information about how to be, what to do, etc.  Another mask….perhaps a good one but there are others that aren’t helpful, keep me closed up and disconnected. 

We keep masks on for a variety of reasons: 

  • We are afraid of showing our true selves to the world. 
  • We are afraid our true selves are too much for the relationship we are in. 
  • We are in a habit of showing up a certain way or doing a certain thing and we don’t want to shake that up.
  • We don’t want to disappoint the people that expect things from us.  
  • We don’t even know how to be any other way.  
  • We are complying with societal values and norms (also family of origin, work place, etc.) 
  • We are afraid of loss, of dying, of grieving, of intense feelings, (fill in the blank)  

Okay, let’s shake it up now. HOW DO YOU WANT TO BE in the world?  If you could shed all responsibilities, over-doing it, overtime at work, over-giving to your partner or friends, getting dressed up so you look good when you leave your house, hiding behind your job, your musical instrument, your camera….

If you could give up ALL FEAR is basically what I’m inviting here…


What ANTI-HALLOWEEN costume would you put on? 

Here’s your invitation: 

I’m going to pose this question on my FB page and I invite you to comment underneath my post with the MASK(s) you are willing to take off on Halloween.

I’ll start the post on Saturday afternoon (when you receive this). The way I will know your post is from YOU (and not someone else on FB that isn’t part of the CBTL community) is that after your post put the hashtag:  #comebacktoloveinaction

After your post, you will hear from me with an invitation for a 15-minute session/reading with me on the phone if you would like.

Up to you – you can say yes or no to that invitation. 

I’m not selling anything or promoting anything. 

I just would love some real time connection to hear your voice. 

Here’s the link to my FB page: