My fav self care tip….

I’ve been obsessed with self-care and healing for my entire adult life. A friend just sent me a Marco Polo (video chat, love this app) and reflected that I really spend a LOT of my time focused on “my healing.” She said, “Well after all you’re a therapist but maybe sometimes it’s too much?” She was reflecting on this after a bit of a crash last Tuesday.

I love reflections like that….she’s RIGHT! I am so earnest about my health and wellbeing and about being the best version of myself I can be….but when you’re in too close….what do they say? You can’t see the forest through the trees!!!!

It’s good. It’s all good the things I am doing but here’s something I haven’t been able to see until now.

—- What if your entire life were in support of SELF LOVE? As in everything surrounding you was supporting, inspiring and actualizing a life filled with love, respect and honor for YOU?

Would there be much to ‘do’ if that were the case? (Answer: I don’t think so!)

What if we respected and honored ourselves to the hilt and everything we put into our lives (work, family, home, daily activities and practices…) and everything we put into our bodies was full-on RESPECT and LOVE for ourselves?

Then what?

Well, we’d feel relaxed, replenished, supported….creative, joyful….and LOVED. Not much to ‘do’ when we are feeling that. Instead we could BE more than DO.

I know it’s a bit of a mind-twist. Try it on! Take time to think of about your life….what’s serving you? What’s not? Where are you over-giving? Where do things just “not feel right?”

What energy, materials, situations, people would you need to bring into your life so that you were completely caring for yourself FIRST?

I asked on my FB page, “How do you put yourself FIRST?” and thus far there are 58 comments! Check it out here (scroll if you need to.)

So this is now my #1 TOP self-care/self-love tip. One to dive into as we continue having more down time, more internal time.

So much love to you!