My Private Journal Entries

Many of you have been asking how I’m doing with the ::SPACE:: I’ve created/taken and what’s happening in the PAUSE? 

I’ve been doing a lot of writing about this and today I am choosing to share the writing with you.  They are in part journal entries, and in part, writing I am sharing with another. And they strike me as – at least part of – the answer to your question.  I hope as I share with you, that you glean something for yourself that resonates; something you may be aspiring to or direct inspiration to take on a new way of Being in your life.  I love you!  

Also along with sharing with you about what’s developing deeply in the ::SPACE:: – I will also share below all the COME BACK TO LOVE® HAPPENINGS that you are welcome to take part of.  Because even though I’ve been more quiet and DOing less (and BEing more), my business Come Back To Love® is thriving and running like a well-lit ship sailing in the ocean.  That makes me happy. 

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“So how’s it going for you while you are

taking ::SPACE:: these days?”

Let me tell you….

First excerpt: 

I leading only occasionally right now. Suffice to say I helped to create, usher, invite a group of people into an experience almost 20 years ago.  To my surprise, they liked it so much that many of them kept coming back.  And new ones would join. Every few months someone would suggest something (Hey! Can you create a FB group for us?  Why not take us to someplace tropical?  How about something with more depth and privacy?)  I credit those folks and the Divine guidance I’ve received to what became very fulfilling, fun and playful, deep, intimate, meaningful, heart-opening “work” that I’ve been blessed to be a part of for a while now.  

And….the past 5-6 months have brought another growth opportunity.  This time a quiet one.  One that clearly has led me to “doing” and “thinking” less; learning even more about opening my own heart to receiving; and staying still until there’s so much inspiration bubbling up that I can’t help but move forward. 

This is the space I am in right now. 

It’s been scary, interesting, mysterious, fun, boring, curious and ultimately like nothing I’ve experienced before.  As my birthday approaches (in 2 weeks), I find myself wondering if that milestone or marker, means another energetic shift and at the same time, I have been “instructed” not to wonder, seek or wait. Because if I’m doing any of those things – wondering, seeking or waiting – I’m clearly not BEING.  

That all makes me smile and laugh a bit nervously as I continue to in many ways wonder WTF?!?!  

Excerpt # 2 –

“Being gives rise to actions whose results fulfill our lives.”  I didn’t know this really.  I thought it was all in the Doing even though I am by nature, a very heart-centered person. I talk, write, think about bringing myself and others back into their hearts yet I still thought that happiness, wealth, health, etc all came from doing something.  And of course it’s not about lying around on the couch all the time….I see that the message I received had more to do with PAUSING and allowing than lying on the couch all day.  It was confusing at first to know that this time is about ‘pause’ and space.  But now I see oh-so-clearly that…..whew this is a big one and I find myself taking a deep breath — that I can receive all that I would like to experience in my life by allowing it to flow to me.  And that before — earlier – like yesterday – when I was complaining about someone not “giving” me something that really it was about ME not being open to receiving “it” (fill in the blank.)  

This is kind of blowing my mind. I mean I’ve heard the words. The words and the concepts aren’t new to me.  The EXPERIENCE in my body that this is indeed TRUE….this is new….this is in my body/energy field now.  

Oh gosh…..I’m still sitting with this.  It literally solidified yesterday!  No joke.  It makes me want to cry….in this moment.  A mix of sadness for not knowing this before and a mix of total relief.  And a tad bit of “oh, I do deserve “fill in the blank” —  “I can have it, too?”  Yes!!!  🙂  Back to joyful celebration. 

If you read this far, I get that you TRULY are on the SPIRITUAL PATH with me.  And I’m grateful for that.  This isn’t about marketing my next course or inviting you to spend money.  My commitment has been – in the past few months – to write every Saturday about SELF LOVE and to share it.  If you’re still reading, I know that you are serious about your journey (as am I) and I love the idea of being on this journey together.  We teach each other.  Thank you for being here.  

Several of you write back to me and always respond. I LOVE hearing your “a ha’s” or “me, too’s” or “I’m so fucking confused!!!”  I love all of it.