I don’t know about you but this past week with the full moon and the transition from summer to fall (up here in the northern hemisphere) seemed to create a swirl of energy.  

My practice is pretty steady – people show up regularly, no one misses sessions, etc.  Not this week!  I’ve never seen anything like it.  And if you were one of those people (whether with me or others in your life), I share my compassion with you!  

The energy was so intense that it had many of us standing on our heads wondering which way was up!  🙂  Crazy….

It left me exhausted (how was it for you?

And like any other intense feeling or emotion  – whether it be anxiety, grief, frustration, fear, sorrow, anger, and even happiness –  we can lose our GROUND.  

Grounding is one of the foremost tantric practices…without ground beneath our feet (metaphorically or literally), we really cannot move through life authentically.  Nor with clarity and focus.  We can’t get much accomplished even if what you are wanting to “accomplish” is simply be-ing.  

Without a feeling of ground and connection, we have trouble solving problems, and making decisions.  We have difficulty knowing which way to turn, what to choose next – what’s best for us.  Oy vey!  🙂  

After 2 days of feeling that chaotic swirl of energy, and so tired, I realized I needed to GROUND.  I did several things that I want to share with you so that if/when YOU need it, you’ve got some of the best resources.  

(those of you that know more of my story, know that I healed myself of a severe case of adrenal fatigue many years ago with my tantra practice so these practices are pretty powerful!) 

I can’t share all of them in writing but here are a few:

1.  Earthing:  You’ve probably been hearing about “earthing” lately.  There’s been research showing that connecting with the Earth’s electrical charge has positive effect on our physical health and wellbeing.  20-40 minutes/day of putting your bare feet on the Earth directly can help!  I have to say that this week, I did it intentionally and I felt a difference. 

2.  Salt bath:  We can’t all make it into the Dead Sea easily (although I wish we could!), but a bath full of salts (and I mean full – like 1-2 CUPS of salt in your tub) makes a HUGE difference to your energy.  First, it clears and releases any energy you are holding onto that may not be yours…that you picked up from someone else or from watching the media.  You’ve got to release those energies as they cause fatigue and other confusing feelings that in the end, are not yours to process.  And then the salt bath replenishes the minerals in your body that are likely depleted from all that’s going on in the world.  MINERALS are so important and they get little attention in the “nutrition” world. 

3.  Mineral broth: Speaking of minerals, a simple mineral broth daily will replenish what you are missing.  Simply throw veggies with skin on into a pot, cover with water and simmer for at least 8 hours.  Drink!  I use onions with skin on, every green vegetable I can get my hands on (use the stalks of broccoli, ends of asparagus…whatever you might compost), add lemongrass and other herbs fresh from your garden, the leaves of the raspberry plants that are now in bloom…..SIMMER and DRINK.  

4.  Breathe:  Of course you didn’t think I was not going to mention the breath, did you?  🙂 Breathe, breathe, breathe.  SLOWLY.  I have a practice I do that I love – breathe in for a count of 3, hold for 9, out for 6.  It has an alternate nostril component but just doing that rhythmic breathing pattern is great.  I have often – during this pandemic – sat down feeling anxious and out of sorts and done 3 rounds of this breathing practice and felt immediately better! 

GROUNDING is so important. I’m guessing that many of you don’t think about whether you are grounded or not.  It’s not in your awareness.  For me, it’s at the forefront of my mind every day because I know how low I feel (or how in my head/dizzy I feel) when I’m not GROUNDED.  

So today I invite you to practice some or all of these GROUNDING methods!  See which ones call to you.

Notice how you feel after practicing once.  Notice how you feel after GROUNDING every day this week.  

With the turn of the seasons, it’s even more important — during transitions we need integration and these practices will help you stay CENTERED, AWAKE and CONNECTED to yourself as you move through your day and week….

I love you!