Open your door and Be YOU

Are you being YOU?  Take a moment to sink in and truly answer that question for yourself….what does it MEAN to be truly YOU?

I’m sitting in my kitchen writing to you and looking around at everything in my kitchen.  What stands out is this really ugly looking orange amidst a pile of juicy pretty ones.  Actually there’s 3 of them looking wrinkly with darker spots and there’s others looking all shiny and new.

Which is better?  Do the ugly spotted ones taste good, better or the same as the prettier unspotted ones?

Are they all just BEING oranges?  Being themselves without regard for what they appear to be (that’s only my point of view, right?)

Point of view (a tool we use in Access Consciousness to increase consciousness!) is just as it sounds only we have wayyyyyy more POVs than we could ever possibly imagine!

Think a thought.  Go ahead.  Okay…is that your POV?  I bet it is.  Almost every single thought we have is a POV.

That orange is ugly. POV
That orange is pretty. POV.
My dog is barking loudly. POV.
I’m writing now with my friend on zoom (okay…that’s a fact.)
My eyes are bothering me. POV.
I’m cold. POV.

And on and on and on….

Our POVs create the experiences we have.  What if I didn’t have a POV about the oranges and I just ate one!  Could be yummy.

Our POVs create our experiences and sometimes dictate who we BE in the world.  If you know me as someone who criticizes fruit, then that’s how I will BE in the world (especially when I’m around you.)

It’s your POV, and it may be mine, but suddenly I’m ‘that’ person.  Being that person.

So you can see how POV fits with the concept of BEING YOU?

Being YOU, truly YOU, is the gift you were born to be and the impact that the world has yet to see (fully.)

I am sure many of you feel you are at least partially being YOU.  I consider myself a very authentic open person who is continuously devoted to being more of myself in the world and sharing my gifts.  And still….there are parts of me yet to be expressed right?  Parts that haven’t had a space in the past few years (where’s that hippie girl I know and love???)

What if being YOU is the only thing you need to do in your life to feel happy and  peaceful?  And what if being YOU is the contribution that the world needs in order to heal and grow?

Then what will you do?