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Hear what others are saying about America’s favorite Come Back to Love™ Coach Robyn Vogel. Robyn’s clients continue to be amazed at their relationship results. Hear more about their deepened intimacy below.


quote When I first came to Robyn for coaching, I was feeling hopeless about partnering again. I was also unsure of what I was even looking for, much less that I would ever find it. Robyn allowed me to see answers for myself that I didn’t even know were there. As a result of working with Robyn, I started looking at dating (and my life) differently, living more in the moment, and was able to clearly identify what I wanted. And best of all, I found a wonderful partner! I am happier than I could have ever imagined!!

-Karen Wagner, Arlington, MA

Karen Wagner


lisa-steadman quote When you’re ready to Come Back To Love, do it with Robyn. Her expertise is unparalleled. Her heart is open. Her passion undeniable. This is a woman who’s making the world a better place one heart at a time!

-Lisa Steadman, best selling author and serial entrepreneur


Paul quote You have a presence, an unmistakable authentic presence. You facilitated that workshop masterfully and this is from someone who has done those events himself.-Paul, Quincy, MA


quote When we first met 3 yeas ago, John and I were delighted to find we shared an interest in an open relationship. But, enthusiastic as we were, we were clueless. Robyn is gifted when it comes to creating safe spaces where intimacy and sexuality and all its messiness can gracefully unfold. Her warmth and compassion allow miracles to happen, and we are blessed to have found her.

-Lisa, Jamaica Plain, MA



Cynce quote I appreciate the loving way in which you are able to hold a space – I love the way you exude calm and ease – I love the clarity at which you share when you are leading a group that you are transparent and honest and often express vulnerable feelings.

-Cynce, Green Mountains, VT


quote I love your grounded, depthful presence, the spaciousness you’ve brought in more recently, your realness, how you hold the room with love… just to name a few!

-Brynn Bishop, Conscious Intimacy, Boston, MA

Brynn Bishop


quote With Robyn’s help, my partner and I have been able to have deep, meaningful conversations without the defensiveness and arguing that ensues when we are on our own. Even though we are both intelligent and spiritually aware people, when we’re mired in our “stuff” we cannot get out. Robyn observes and then guides us based on our specific needs in the moment and within the context of our relationship. She provides exercises and ways of thinking that break us out of the endless cycle. As a result, we are able to really listen to one another, which is the basis for change. We have been to other counselors but Robyn is able to cut right to the chase with great insight and a supportive style.



quote I’m cheering you on! You are so well expressed, and I so admire your effort and your energy and your clear talent. With such quality stuff, I can’t help but thinking that your success is inevitable.

-Dwight Ernest, Berlin, MA


Even more praise for Robyn Vogel:


quote “The class was great; I really enjoyed it. Very different from my normal way of life, you did create on a small scale what I was hoping for….creating the possibility to feel a deeper intimacy.”


quote “Working with Robyn has taught my partner and I how to truly love each other! I’m grateful for the unique ways she creates space for each of us to speak our truths and be heard. The time we’ve spent with Robyn has been such a blessing not only to us, but to our children as well.”


quote “It’s so amazing to walk into a room of “strangers” and walk out feeling in love with everyone!”


quote “I didn’t think I’d be able to connect with anyone there. I was so surprised, and delighted, how easy it was to enjoy myself with every man in that room! Thank you Robyn, for your excellent facilitation skills. I felt totally safe!”


quote “We have to wait a whole month until the next one????”


quote “This is a very special event; a non-threatening, yet deep and authentic way to meet others. I’ve been online dating for years and it’s just not for me. I’ve met some really good people at your events.”


quote “We love to come as a couple and meet others on a similar path.”