Seeing the Beloved in Everyone – Part 1

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What if instead of looking around a workshop (or online even before it starts), or at an event you’re at, or party you were invited to, and deciding there’s no one there you’re attracted to, no “mate material,” no one there you want to have sex with…what if…

INSTEAD — you saw EVERYONE AS A POTENTIAL LIFE PARTNER???  How would that be for you?

Imagine walking into a room of 100 people, half of them the gender you’re attracted to and knowing deep in your heart that all of them are possible life partners, soul mates, dating prospects, lovers?

How cool would that be?

This article is the first one of a series on seeing the Beloved in Everyone.  Tantra is about seeing and experiencing the divine in yourself first; and understanding that everyone you come into contact with a reflection for you.

The practices we do bring us a deeper love – for ourselves; and the ability to then attract more love to you whether that be with a new partner or your current one.

Some Tantric principles that apply here:

1. We are all divine beings.
2. We reflect each others’ divinity.
3. Truthfully, we are all one aspect of God (but that gets more complex than we are talking about here).
4. Love is the path to awakening.
5. Transformation and awakening happen at a speedier rate when you’re in relationship. 
6. Everyone you meet is love but is struggling with the past (traumas and fears).
7. Our duty as awakened beings is to bring love wherever we go.

I invite you right now, today, to practice seeing the beloved in everyone.  Seriously, later today when you go to the grocery store – as you walk in the door – repeat after me, “Everyone in this supermarket is a potential lover” (even if you’re in relationship, practice this).

For those of you that come to the Intimate Puja Circles, how would that change them for you? 

Do this for an entire day and then PLEASE WRITE on our FB page what you noticed?  This is LIFE CHANGING.  Seriously. 

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