Shoot I was fired because I had beer in my ice cream truck! What?!*@!%#

Serious question — are you holding any grudges right now?

Still angry at your partner, or friend, who betrayed you? Annoyed that your mail got wet from the spring snow storm?

Are you still pissed off at the boss who fired you for drinking beer in the ice cream truck you were driving when obviously, you weren’t supposed to be ‘under the influence?’

Still distressed because your lie got discovered and you find your inner dialogue is all about trying to justify your position?

There are so many reasons we hold grudges and resentments!

It may seem a bit weird to ask but I will anyway — WHY? Why are you still holding that energy of anger, grudge, resentment….? How come?

Years ago I came upon the mantra, come back to love (it actually was given to me by a very wise woman) – it’s been my practice and my teaching.

Nothing has changed except over the years and especially more recently I’ve added 3 little words: NO MATTER WHAT. No.Matter.What. #LoveNoMatterWhat

You see….when I do that I feel the most amazing things!

I feel:

  • Peaceful!
  • Truly happy!
  • Loving!
  • Healthy!
  • Pain free!
  • Relaxed!
  • Open!
  • Abundant!
  • Lighter!

Need I say more?

There are many tools I use to LOVE NO MATTER WHAT on a daily, moment-to-moment basis.

If you’re thinking right now, “Robyn, how on earth can I possibly let go of the anger I have towards the person who betrayed me? Or the one who hurt me so badly it’s ruined my whole life?”

Here’s what I say: You have a choice. You can allow those energies (lower vibrational energies) to permeate your life for the rest of your life….or not.

It is truly up to you. But make it your CHOICE not what you are living with and tolerating. Those energies cause all kinds of dis-ease and discomfort…..they take energy away from you and your optimal living.

What I’d invite you to do is try on the possibility of this Truth. What comes up for you when you consider loving no matter what? (you mean, Trump, too?? OMG….yes I do.)

I’m taking a hard stand here. It’s time. I’m not letting up. It’s our divine task.

Try this possibility out and let me know what you think.

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