Tantra: Discover Juicy, Energetic, Deeply Connected Love + Sex

This is for all of the couples out there who are ready to bring something new to their sex lives, connect spiritually and sexually like never before.

Wondering where the playfulness has gone from lovemaking, the deep intimate sharing in the bedroom, the pleasure you used to feel in your body?

Lovers on a mission, right? ; )

Explore the deeply sacred, sexual, loving, spiritual practice that Tantra has offered since ancient times.

But what is Tantra exactly?

Most commonly known in popular culture for the practice of Tantric sex, Tantra philosophy is rooted in the Buddhist and Hindu sects of India and is much more inclusive of all things and all life. Tantra practices include meditation, yoga postures, breathing techniques, and more — all for the purpose of clearing and consciously managing our own energy. We can also share this energy with another and explore Tantra in partnership.

What is Sacred Sexuality?

Sacred Sexuality is the belief and practice that all sharing of sexual energy is, in fact, spiritual; if there is no separation between divine energy and ourselves, then even our intimate moments are actually a deeply spiritual connection. For something to be ‘sacred’ it must have 5 distinct aspects to it: Loving respect, Safety, Response-ability, Communication, Trust and Surrender.

What can I expect in our session?

During a Sacred Sexuality coaching session with me, we will begin by taking an inventory of your relationship and what you each feel great about and where you each feel there’s room to grow. There is never an assumption that anything is ‘wrong’ — only that you are here because you want to amplify the good (and heal built up resentments, if there are any.) Together we will determine the course our sessions will take. For example, a Come Back To Love VIP Mastery session will include: Conscious Communication skills, Active Listening, The Fine Art of Appreciation, The Art of Adoration, and Tantra Practices, Hands-off Sex Coaching, Sacred Sexuality techniques, and a whole lot more!

Tantra sessions are clothing on and facilitated. I will guide you by teaching you practices and coaching you right in my office. I will provide “home play” exercises and together we will determine your intentions for our work together and measures for your success.

Typical sessions run from 2-6 hours depending on goals and intentions.

Follow-up sessions are 1 hour and can be done via Skype, telephone or in-person.

Will there be homework?

Yes – but we call it homePLAY!! ; ) You will be invited to explore individualized sacred Tantra techniques I will teach during your session.

What’s the cost of Tantra and Sacred Sex Coaching?

Tantra sessions are best done in an intensive format that is why most couples become VIPs and spend a minimum of 4 hours with me. With your input, I will create a uniquely-designed couple’s retreat just for you and your love, intimacy and sexuality desires.

Packages begin at only $297