The stories we tell ourselves about our lives….

This weekend I celebrated my 55th birthday!  I had a handful of absolutely BEAUTIFUL celebrations!  Everything from a family Zoom with cousins I hadn’t seen in a year, to the lovely dinner my daughter made for me, a soup/dance party in my backyard with my next door neighbors and last night a precious Zoom gathering with dear friends.  

Each celebration and moment was a celebration of LIFE. No matter what is going on in the world….celebrating ourselves, fostering a feeling of self love and joy, is VITAL to thriving during this time.  

I imagine some of you are feeling pandemic fatigue. Some of you are feeling stuck.  It’s not time to sit and wait for things to change….as hard as that may be.

We are still living.  We are still breathing.  And I’d venture to say most of us are living in a country with an incredible amount of FREEDOM.  Freedom to even think the thoughts we want to think!  (Imagine not having that freedom and instead being terrified to think the natural thoughts that come to you…..) 

We all have stories about this year. And at the same time we are creating memories every day….if not for ourselves, for those we love and care about.  In 2020 I will remember some of the most incredible heartache but also HEALING and JOY.  And ACCEPTANCE….and LOVE.  

Join me tomorrow for the Daily Intimacy where we will hang out with Bridget Brown, master storyteller and look at the stories we tell ourselves.  

Our feelings come from our thoughts….they originate there.  What we think, the stories we tell ourselves in many way direct our lives (and of course we are all learning to detach from “stories” and be in a non-thinking, peaceful place….) 

I look forward to creating more memories of LOVING with you.