The wisdom of the Trees….

What’s bringing you JOY today?

It’s gorgeous here in New England right now….every day the trees show us a little bit more of their inner journey….their vulnerability. It’s beautiful to witness the unfolding, the unraveling and the eventual falling (apart.) Only to go into hibernation beneath the cold. Returning again when the sun is in just the right place….

We are on the precipice of something similar. With all that’s going on in the world (and people showing their true colors), our own vulnerabilities begin to show….begin to reveal themselves to us and to those around us.

The unraveling can feel disheartening and scary. It can feel so uncomfortable that we engage in our patterns of distraction, addictions….in the Internal Family Systems world we call these parts of ourselves, “fire fighters.” Anything to cover up the discomfort (inside and out…)

But what if the trees were our teachers? Wise guidance right outside our own windows. Right there on the bike path as I take my walks, or ride my bike. Not only are they providing the most beautiful landscape to feast my eyes upon but what if they were also offering me wisdom….truth….steps to take so that I can love myself even better right now? What if that were happening all the time but I just wasn’t paying attention?

It seems to me that the trees are our Wise Guides right now. Yes, they are very gently and slowly revealing themselves (gentle = loving) — and soon they will get very quiet and release what is ready to transform. From the ashes the phoenix will rise….in spring. After hibernation. Soon it will be time to go inside and allow experiences, questions and deep emotions to compost for a while.

This pandemic has given us the gift of slowing down. Of going inside. Of releasing what’s completely unnecessary, and nourishing what is ready to grow and shine.

Following the rhythm of the seasons and the guidance the trees are offering right now as they flow with the natural rhythm of autumn, is such a lovely way to accept what IS (no matter what it is.)

And in accepting what is….you are LOVING yourself.