Thrive as a result of tragedy? Really?!#%$?!

Today I’m celebrating myself as a parent. Both of my kids have been through a hell of a year….and therefore, I’ve been through it too (those of you that are parents, know how this is, right?)

After 14 months of the “isolation” of the pandemic, my daughter turned 18 and is stepping more and more into her True Self and my son is healthy and getting ready to return to NYC to finish up his senior year @ Columbia.

What a blessing!

Keeping their privacy intact, suffice to say I’ve been doing what I call “heavy duty parenting” this year….I think many would have crushed under the stress.

In my life I’ve experienced what would be considered trauma/crises when:

  • My mom died when I was 10 years old
  • When I got divorced
  • When my dad died when I was 30 years old
  • When my partner died a few years after we fell deeply in love

And yet those that know me up close (or even those of you from afar), see that I’m one of the most positive and loving people they know!

My dear friend C. wrote to me the other day and said,

“I was just thinking about you earlier and appreciating how loving you show up in world despite all of your losses, challenges, suffering, grief and pain. You, my friend, are quite the teacher of how to stay in Love and be an overcomer. Thank you for clearly radiating your light and love for all of us to see. 😍
🙆 Shine on, my friend.”💖🌟🎆

And she sent me those emojis! LOL.

How is it that I not only survived all that tragedy but am actually thriving as a result of it???

For one thing I got a lot of excellent wise, divinely guided support. I’ve hired many coaches, teachers, guides in my life….AND I started teaching what I needed to learn years ago!

I’m inviting you to do the same.

Join me for a monthly gathering (with tons of bonuses and in between connection) to learn HOW to live a joyful, happy, beautiful, fulfilling, purposeful live FILLED WITH LOVE no matter what.

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