What does it mean to “be in your heart?” Join me and find out….

How many times have you heard, “I’m in my head too much!” or “He’s too in his head!” Or “You should be more in your heart….”

And you’re like WTF? What???? What does that mean?

Well….you’re about to find out! Join us Tuesday morning at 9 am EST for an actual master class in exactly that! Head/heart…..balance…..SHIFTING to a more heart-centered life.

Why? Because that is where the LOVE is. It’s pretty simple…..HEART=LOVE. And when we live from our HEARTS – we allow ourselves to be guided from the most aligned (and supported) place.

When we think too much, or allow our thoughts to guide us — we usually end up distracted. Our minds (some may say “our egos”) are all about distraction…..sabotage. Not so much from a place of love.

You already know this is what my work is about. LOVE. And MORE LOVE.

So join us on Tuesday morning and learn how to “heart-shift” with me and my guest Marcy Neumann during our weekly Daily Intimacy connect time.

Come as you are — listen in while you’re driving, connect while you’re still in bed, or while you’re having your morning coffee! However you are, you are welcome! Have to leave early? No problem! We’d love you to stay but ‘some Daily Intimacy is better than no Daily Intimacy!’

I look forward to HEART SHIFTING with YOU!

                                                     JOIN US TUESDAY for DAILY INTIMACY GATHERING




Getting Out of Your Head and

Into Your Heart

HeartShifting for Self Love:  Learn how to shift the energy to leave the past behind and open your heart to let new creation (love, light, success, joy, etc.) in, then how to sustain that every day.

Join us!


Marcy Neumann, Rev., RN, CHT, RMT is a professional Energy Healer, Integrative Intuitive Counselor, Spiritualist Minister, Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master. Marcy is also a published author, creator of award-winning healing products and founder of Self Love University.

For over 45 years Marcy’s professional journey has been guided by her own teachings of energy healing in her own propriety process known as HeartShifting. It’s a recalibration of energy leading to Self Love.

Marcy has helped thousands of clients learn where they are energetically, how to release toxic, dense energy and open their hearts. She teaches how to let go and release and then how to allow the energy of light, love and creation to flow in, culminating in living every day on a higher level of energy frequency…in other words, building an unshakeable, lasting Self Love that sustains, centers and keeps coming back to the authentic self.