What happens when you’re afraid?

What happens to you when you’re afraid?

This year, perhaps more than ever, anxiety rates are soaring, fear is at the forefront of practically everything we hear on the news, read about, or talk about.

I’ve been on the receiving end of other people’s fear in my personal life. I’ve been observing fear in my family and in my clients.

When the pandemic began, I needed to manage my own fear! I’ve learned some really potent tools as a result that I wish I had known about 30 years ago! Heck, I wish I knew about them 40 years ago!!! (55 anyone?)

But what happens when you’re afraid?
How do you act?
How do you feel in your body?
How do you engage with those you love?
How are you in relationship when you’re afraid?

Hint: Most of us feel contracted and back ourselves into a corner. We disconnect, we don’t tell the truth, we separate ourselves from the world and from the people that are important to us.

Even more so though, we may lose a relationship we cherish; or stumble into depression. We feel isolated and lost. We lose our passion for our work. Life can start to feel dangerous and suddenly we are engaging less and less with the things we used to love.

Fear impacts our health, our relationships, our divine purpose and we lose sight of who we truly are.

The practice of coming back to love after pain, loss, betrayal, fear is one of the most vital things we can do in our lives. Imagine what would happen otherwise….we wouldn’t be able to live our best lives.

I’ve been teaching you how to come back to love for many years. In my newsletters you get a simple technique that you can practice at home. When you come to my retreats, or coaching groups or do private work with me you dive deeper into what you want to experience in your life and what’s in the way of you experiencing the deepest love possible.

Many of you know I’ve experienced a great deal of loss in my life. This is what launched me into my own healing and returning to LOVE, optimism, joy and passion (no matter what) and my personal work is what I share with you.

Next week you will be the first to hear of the opportunity to step in more deeply, learn new potent tools (the ones I wish I had mastered YEARS ago!!!) plus the tried and true ones I’ve been teaching for the past 20 years.

There’s nothing like being in community together to practice, share, open your heart.

I look forward to having you join me! Spaces will be limited for this first round so if you’re extra curious, please shoot me an email (just reply to this newsletter) and I’ll make sure you get the info first.

An Abundance of Love to you…..


P.S. This week our Daily Intimacy is a Community Gathering. Imagine sitting by the fire together, or out in the woods in a Circle together. Come share, be loved. Be. Love.

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