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Come Back To Love ® begins with a deep, present, wide open, heart connection.

Life is a pathway to awakeningAsk a question and allow the Universe to bring the answer into your awareness.  Shift your perspective towards gratitude for what is and watch your entire world change.  Shift your experience to one of trust, feeling safe being vulnerable, respecting your life journey and having gratitude for your life!

You create your reality with the energy that you Be.

Learn HOW to live and be on a spiritual path (transcending psychology, transcending parts of ourselves that are stuck) so that freedom and joy are what you experience most often.

It is a huge paradigm shift into the infinite being that you are.

What Else Is Possible?

Clarity for Couples Considering Divorce

The Come Back To Love® Crossroads Program is for you if you are feeling stuck, don’t know where to turn or what to do next. Let us help you figure out just that. This short-term, solution-focused coaching program can get the two of you on the same page moving forward. Click the link to schedule a FREE consultation and learn more.

  • Not sure whether you want to keep working on things or separate?
  • Does your partner have one foot out the door? Do you?
  • Have you been trying to work on your relationship and not getting anywhere?
  • Do you really want to stay together but need things to be different?
  • Ready to figure out what’s best for you and your family?
  • Do all this while staying completely true to yourself, healing broken trust, getting unstuck and moving forward one way or another.

Soul Journey Coaching For Couples

Couples that have been together for years often feel resentful, frustrated, lack desire, aren’t having sex anymore, and have just lost the spark. When this happens, it’s time to shake it up! To see “problems” as possibilities and work towards changing your point of view. Not easy but entirely possible!

Soul Journey Coaching allows you to see and understand your individual and collective soul journey and why you chose the relationship you chose. If any of this resonates and you are ready for a relationship done differently, the tools of Access Consciousness® along with Soul Journey Coaching are for you:

  • Reconnecting after years of unspoken distance
  • Mismatched desire and lack of physical intimacy
  • Routines that need to be shaken up to bring that spark back
  • Betrayal, lack of trust, safety have been erodou feel angry all the time

We are dedicated to teaching you how to have a deeply loving connection.

Any relationship worth committing to will require your attention and support from an expert.

If you make the commitment to be together, you have to employ very specific methods to keep romance, passion, and love alive.


  • Are you questioning why you’re experiencing the life you are?

  • Do you have a hint that you are aware of more? That there’s so much more possible than you’re living right now?

  • Are you looking for guidance and wisdom to help you take intentional and purposeful steps in alignment with your path?

  • You can create way more in your life than you realize! Let’s destroy and uncreate your limiting blocks and create your life from your true desires!

The most wonderful clients and friends becoming more aware and awake in their lives! How does it get any better than that?