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Come Back To Love ® begins with a deep, present, wide open, heart connection.

It is a pathway to awakening.  It’s using intimacy (with self, other, community) to awaken our senses, our awareness, shift perspectives, know ourselves, let go and heal the past, become fully present but also learn HOW to live and be on a spiritual path (transcending psychology, transcending parts of ourselves that are stuck) so that freedom and joy are what we experience most often.

It is a huge paradigm shift.

It’s not about finding a partner and ‘being in love’.  It’s not about better sex but when we are BEING LOVE, more conscious, aware, present and loving… well,  the sex is better… but also food is better, relationships are better, our financial status is better, our health is better, everything is better!!

Want all that?
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The 5 Steps Our Couples Take To Come Back To Love After An Affair

(even if they feel devastated, betrayed and think all hope is lost)

This Powerful Information Is Different Than You’ve Ever Heard Before. You’re Going To Find Out….

  • A step-by-step game plan my clients use to permanently heal after an affair (even if it seems completely impossible right now.)
  • Why straight-up therapy is NOT a good strategy for getting to forgiveness and how you can open connection again with your partner starting TODAY.
  • The secret to avoiding screaming matches and how you can have calm and effective conversations that move you in the direction of healing.
  • Why you shouldn’t forgive or apologize even when everyone is telling you that you should. There’s a time and place for that and knowing exactly when and how is the key to healing.
  • How to feel less stress, fear, and devastation even while the details of what happened are continuing to be revealed.
  • And how to do all this….while staying completely true to yourself, healing broken trust, getting unstuck and moving forward to save your relationship.

Intimacy Coaching For Couples

Couples that have been together for years often feel resentful, frustrated, lack desire, aren’t having sex anymore, and you have just lost that spark you once had.

Couples have unique needs:

  • Reconnecting after years of unspoken distance
  • Mismatched desire and lack of physical intimacy
  • Routines that need to be shaken up to bring that spark back
  • Good roommates (or parents) but what happened to the lust and love?
  • Betrayal, lack of trust, safety have been eroded
  • You feel angry all the time and just don’t feel like connecting
  • Age has changed your sex life
  • You’re newly together and can’t decide whether this is “it”
  • And so much more….

We are dedicated to teaching you how to have the most deeply loving connection possible. And that very much includes a great sex life!

Any relationship worth committing to will require your attention and usually require support from an expert.

If you make the commitment to be together, you have to employ very specific methods to keep romance, passion, love and sex alive—to make deeply connecting with each other a priority like it was when you first met.


Coaching Program

  • The real cause of why your energy has descreased and what you can do about it

  • The number 1 secret my clients use to increase their energy, regardless of age, so you can take charge of your body and desires

  • What to do NOW to turn your libido around so you can live a life of passion

  • The 3 step plan my clients use to reboot their energy, restore passion so you can become intimate again (and it isn’t just about sex)

We have incredible clients finally getting the love they deserve!