Workshops & Courses

Tantra: Learn The Sacred Practice of Tantra and Deep Connection (in the privacy of your own home)

Feeling shy? Not ready to come to a workshop yet? You are not alone! Click HERE for an Introduction to Tantra that you can learn in the privacy of your own home! Hands-on support from world-renowned experts in the privacy of your own home. Nine hours of Tantra training for the price of a 1/2 hour individual session! You can only gain the most loving, connected, sexy relationship by purchasing this product!

Intimate Puja Circle: Explore Your Sexuality In A Safe, Open & Honest Environment

It can be difficult to find other people seeking to have meaningful, mature conversations about great sex and the important role it plays in strong relationships and a fulfilled life. My most popular offering, Intimate Puja Circles, handle this concern for you by ensuring others with similar interests, sexual openness and desire to explore are the only names on the guest list.

You can feel safe and confident in this fun, open and playful environment as you:

  • Meet and explore with other yummy, juicy, soulful singles and couples.
  • Learn and practice Tantra, yoga, meditation and more energetic methods to take your sexual experiences to an entirely new level.
  • Sit in a room with folks who are willing to be honest and open their hearts.
  • Experience deep connections with those interested in sacred sexuality, expanded orgasm, conscious relationship and spirituality—people like YOU!

Explore a world of pleasure by joining our next Intimate Puja Circle—click HERE now.

REGISTER NOW: Space is limited and these events sell out every month!

Pillow Talk Outside The Bedroom: Communication As Foreplay

The importance of communication between two partners for sustaining an amazing relationship cannot be understated. In fact, a strong sexual connection is impossible without open and honest communication. I strongly believe foreplay begins the moment making love comes to completion—in other words “pillow talk” never truly ends.

Foreplay is every single act of communication between sexual encounters.

In this workshop, I’ll teach you about improved communication and the Tantric practices that will positively impact intimacy, sexuality and ultimately your overall love life. Communication has never been more fun! You’ll learn the fine art of giving and receiving, leading to equally increased pleasure for both partners. Take home practical skills that you can use the same evening and return to that loving, deep connection that sends you both over the moon with intimate closeness and orgasmic delight.

Experience the far-reaching pleasure of great communication.

Professional Training and Supervision for Therapists

Sex Drives: Using Intimacy As A Catalyst For Outstanding Couples Counseling

Sex is a key component in the bigger picture of partners having a great relationship with each other. So why do so many therapists ignore or have trouble “breaking down the bedroom door” with the couples they counsel? It’s pretty simple really. Attitudes of sex discussions being taboo or even “dirty” have been handed down through generations in our country, leaving couples with far fewer places to turn for the important intimacy counseling they need.

That is precisely why your clients need you to participate in this important training!

This supervision and professional training provides experiential instruction designed to provide the needed skills to feel comfortable and competent addressing the more vulnerable and delicate issues of sexuality in relationship. Many therapists don’t feel innately comfortable talking about sex with their couples, but all can learn to embrace the sexual aspect of helping their clients. This class/group will not only provide participants with information to fill in the gaps from previous training, but will also invite self inquiry into the source of one’s discomfort in dealing with sexuality, encourage curiosity about your own inner process. Comfort discussing sex with others begins with being honest and secure with your own sexuality.

Give your clients the best in every area. Please inquire about ongoing supervision and training groups along with individual consultation. Feel free to call me on my private line: 508-380-9254