Rejuvenate, reignite and reconnect with your beloved!

Most relationships start off with a bang. Everything’s new. Fun. Exciting. That newness almost always wears off, and eventually people change. People grow and often they grow apart from one another.

Resentments develop. It can be difficult to recover from a once-incredible relationship gone awry. Romance, passion, love and sex all stagnate and it can be hard to even remember why you committed to one another in the first place. It might even feel like your partner has turned into a stranger, merely co-existing with you until the other shoe drops. I’m Come Back To Love® Coach Robyn Vogel, and I’m passionate about guiding you to a sexy, satisfying and soulful relationship! With over two decades as a psychotherapist, Intimacy and Sex Coach, and facilitator of “middle-path” Tantra, I am dedicated to guiding you to the most deeply loving connection possible. And that very much includes a great sex life! There is a good chance you have experienced some of the issues described above with your partner—almost everyone has. What is most important to understand is the current state of your relationship is not where it has to stay. Any relationship worth committing to will require your attention and usually require support from an expert. You wouldn’t drive your car 100,000 miles without an oil change. The engine would seize up. The same can be said of your relationship with your partner. If you make the commitment to be together, you have to employ very specific methods to keep romance, passion, love and sex alive—to make deeply connecting with each other a priority like it was when you first met. Come Back to Love® Coach Robyn Vogel has helped hundreds of couples find “us” again. To rediscover the true connection that ignited their passions for each other in the first place. She’s ready to help you and your partner do the same.