When you’re ready to Come Back To Love, do it with Robyn.

Her expertise is unparalleled. Her heart is open. Her passion undeniable. This is a woman who’s making the world a better place one heart at a time!

Lisa Steadman, Best Selling Author and Serial Entrepreneur


This ancient yogic practice teaches you how to be awake in the world so that you can be fully alive, show up in all areas with love, and experience a deeper satisfaction in life.

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Experience a deeper, more connected, miraculous life. Know that we are held in love on our journey here and joy, peace and awakening are possible every moment.

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Sacred Sexuality

Imagine how it feels to experience a heightened state of ecstasy and your sensual self in every moment of making love in all its forms.

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Two-shall-be one in a surrendered commitment to your own oneness, your authentic expression, your vulnerable heart shared with another.

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Come back to Love® begins with a deep, present, wide open heart connection.

It’s a path to awakening. It’s using intimacy (self, other, community) to awaken our senses, our awareness, shift perspectives, know ourselves, let go and heal the past, become fully present but also learn HOW to live and be on a spiritual path (transcending psychology, transcending parts of ourselves that are stuck) so that freedom and joy are what we experience most often. It’s a huge paradigm shift. It’s not about finding a partner and “being in love.” It’s not about better sex but when we are BEING LOVE, more conscious, aware, present and loving…well, the sex is better…but also food is better, relationships are better, our financial status is better, our health is better, everything is better!!

Want all that? Yes? Follow me.


There’s a myth that exists in the world that Tantra is only about sex. Here you will find the truth. Tantra is an ancient practice that some believe dates back to the ancient civilization of Lemuria and then landed in Tibet and India, nearby coasts. The Sanskrit word adeptly teaches us what Tantra is. Tan, the first part of the word, means union or weaving together. Tra, in Sanskrit, simply means tools. Put together the translation teaches us that Tantra is a set of tools and techniques that supports us in experiencing and knowing the union, or Oneness, of all that exists. Tantra is a way of be-ing whereby consciousness is raised, peak experiences happen because of how high your vibration is and awakening is the overall intention.

So why do people only think of sex when they think of Tantra? Well, you could blame that on some celebrities that “saw the light” when they practiced Tantra but I’ll say that because being awake in relationship and loving consciously, and opened up energetically, can definitely bring your orgasm to new heights! But it’s not the goal. It’s a choice. Your inner work begins with your own spirituality. And as you move towards healing your inner child and parts that are wounded, you may then reach new heights outside of yourself if you choose.

Ready for a taste of Tantra?

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Are you ready to experience a deeper, more connected, and miraculous life? Feel like there’s more but can’t put your finger on it? Your spiritual journey is what you are here for; it is the ‘why’ to your life experiences past, present and future. Without this awareness, it’s like wandering through the woods without a map. It’s testing new jobs, new relationships, new homes but never landing in a place or situation that feels absolutely aligned and right. I spent years wandering and remember how painful it was. Your spiritual growth will help you to know that you are held in love on your journey here and joy, peace and awakening are possible in every moment.

It begins with meditation.

Listen to a Come back to Love® conversation between Robyn and one of her spiritual teachers, Michael Mirdad. Without spiritual growth, it is nearly impossible to transcend your mind, your past trauma and wounds completely. Listen to this treasure – a dynamic conversation and start your tantric, spiritual journey.

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Sacred Sexuality

Imagine how it would feel to experience a heightened state of ecstasy in every moment of making love. Sacred sexuality has four (4) components: respect, consciousness, loving, and clear intention. When all 4 are in place, you are much more likely to experience love and sex as a sacred connection. The sacred has meaning and purpose in the world beyond you or your partner’s sexual pleasure, and desires.

Respect for each others’ individuality is most important. Each of you comes together with a unique history including fears and strategies to get your needs met, ability to communicate your needs and more. It is not for you to change your partner, or spend many hours convincing them that you are “right.” Respect means you put loving over being right and come back to love as a practice.

Conscious loving is just that – the moment-to-moment practice of taking a breath and acting from a grounded present place. It also means that when you get triggered, or reactive, that you take time to explore your inner world and what you are learning about yourself. You learn to take ownership for yourself and use every experience as grist for the “mill” of conscious awakening.

Intention setting before making love (or having a conversation) is the quickest way to bring the sacred into your relationship, bedroom and shared sexuality. Simply take a breath together and share what you would like to receive or give; and/or set an intention that the energy you raise together will have a positive impact on someone, some place, or situation in the world. Sexual energy is potent. It creates new life. It can be used in a very powerful way to bring peace, love and ease to the world. Use it consciously and add to your sacred shared experience.

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There are ultimately 3 relationships to tend to in an intimate way. But first let me define intimacy for you. Emotional intimacy is the surrendered, opened hearted, vulnerable place of sharing your heart; of being seen for who you truly are and touching all the places inside you that feel; distinct from physical intimacy, which involves touch. Physical intimacy does not necessarily equate with sex, or sexual intercourse, but it may. Physical intimacy includes everything sensual and sexual and may or may not be combined with emotional intimacy.

The first intimate relationship you have is with ‘that which is greater than you’ – your spiritual connection. Call it God, The Universe, Spirit, or Nature, this relationship is vital to your increasing consciousness. Most people do not tend to this relationship and always wonder, “what’s missing?”

The second intimate connection is with yourself. It is not cliche when people say, “you need to love yourself first.” You do. You cannot, and will not, give anything to anyone else that you don’t have yourself. Wonder why you’re not being loved the way you want or need? Turn it around and explore the ways you are not fully loving yourself. There is much work to do in this realm of healing between you and you.

Two-shall-be one when you choose to share yourself with another, in the third intimate relationship. Intimacy, or “into-me-you-see,” meets your deepest need as a human being: that of being seen and known by another. You spend a lot of time in your own mind and it can be crazy making. Sharing in a direct, honest and open way with the ones who love you, brings a deep sense of healing, acceptance and has the capacity for unconditional love.

Come back to Love® programs support you in demonstrating your true self with courage and strength. Identifying fears and obstacles to love and intimacy are paramount and at the core of what you will discover and use to move towards deeper intimacy and divine love in all 3 intimate relationships.

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Come back to Love® WORKSHOPS

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I appreciate the loving way in which you are able to hold a space.

I love the way you exude calm and ease – I love the clarity at which you share when you are leading a group that you are transparent and honest and often express vulnerable feelings.

Cynce, Green Mountains, VT

Professional Trainings

Come back to Love®


Thank you so much Robyn!

I have learned so much and am excited knowing how much I am going to grow and change as a result. Robyn Vogel, your passion commitment and desire for everyone on the planet to Come Back To Love is such a beautiful and powerful gift to humanity. I feel so blessed to have you in my life!

Laurie T. Boston, MA

Singles Coaching

It’s hard to be single. Especially when it seems everyone else around you has found “the one” or is enjoying being in several relationships and you don’t even have one person to snuggle with at night. It feels so frustrating and disheartening to be searching for years, watching all of your friends fall in love and get married. It’s also really hard to be single again after divorce or death of your partner. Singles have unique needs.

  • Feeling frustrated with how long it’s taking to meet someone
  • Watching everyone around you in relationship and wondering what’s wrong with you
  • Dating after divorce (or death) and starting all over again
  • Kids or no kids?
  • Craving intimacy but having no one to share with
  • Maybe your biological clock is ticking and you’re still single
  • Socializing can be hard when all your friends are home on the couch with their sweeties and you want to go out
  • Wondering whether you’ll ever find “your person” who meets you exactly where you want to be met (are all the good ones really taken?)

Come back to Love® offers purposeful and focused coaching for singles. However, Come back to Love® coaching is unique in that it uses the 4 CBTL tenets of Tantra, Spirituality, Sacred Sexuality and Intimacy to address the obstacles, heal past wounds, and take concrete steps towards meeting your soul mate. Your CBTL coach will be your ally, your resource, your cheerleader, your strategizer, spiritual guide and your mentor on the journey towards finding lasting love.


I was single when I first met Robyn. I met my partner at one of her workshops.

After a year together, we are reminded again and again of the importance of “Coming Back to Love” — finding the divine spark in ourselves, and in each other so that we can be refreshed in the comfort of knowing that love is available in every moment. If we step back when we are feeling separate, hurt, confused, misunderstood, or unloved — Love is right there waiting to be renewed: deeper, sweeter, wider, and richer than ever.

Barb Plummer, Mystic, CT

Couples Coaching

Couples that have been together for years often feel resentful, frustrated, lack desire, aren’t having sex anymore, and you have just lost that spark you once had. Sometimes there’s been an affair, or addiction that has create a rift that feels almost impossible to heal from. Some couples are doing okay but have gotten used to “ho hum” or to being great friends but not great lovers. Couples have unique needs:

  • Reconnecting after years of unspoken distance
  • Mismatched desire and lack of physical intimacy
  • Routines that need to be shaken up to bring that spark back
  • Good roommates (or parents) but what happened to the lust and love?
  • Betrayal, lack of trust, safety have been eroded
  • You feel angry all the time and just don’t feel like connecting
  • Age has changed your sex life
  • You’re newly together and can’t decide whether this is “it”
  • And so much more….

Come back to Love® coaching will guide you back to a loving, sexy, satisfying, resilient relationship. We are dedicated to teaching you how to have the most deeply loving connection possible. And that very much includes a great sex life! There is a good chance you have experienced some of the issues described above with your partner—almost everyone has. What is most important to understand is the current state of your relationship is not where it has to stay. Any relationship worth committing to will require your attention and usually require support from an expert. You wouldn’t drive your car 100,000 miles without an oil change. The engine would seize up. The same can be said of your relationship with your partner. If you make the commitment to be together, you have to employ very specific methods to keep romance, passion, love and sex alive—to make deeply connecting with each other a priority like it was when you first met.


We were just singing your praises!

On Sunday we went to the place where we first kissed. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said YES!!! We are so happy. There were tears of love, joy and relief as it has been quite the journey. There was a rainbow which we took as a definite sign of the reason to celebrate. Much love and gratitude for all of your support!

Private clients, Boston, MA

The lesson Robyn taught ​us ​​impacted us so profound​ly

That life force​ – ​​our sexual energy​ -​ is something we each have access to and are not dependent upon others to unlock. Imagine how much more satisfied I am and how much easier ​my relationships are – at work and at home – as a result.

Carolyn ​Fuller​, Cambridge, MA

​Spiritual guidance and coaching for Couples​, Singles and everyone in between:

(Skype or In-Person)

  • 4-hour Reignite Your Relationship ($897)
  • 2-hour Jumpstart Your Love ($497)
  • 1-hour CBTL Assessment ($350)

​Be S.E.E.N. as the essence of who you truly are ​by your​self (first) and/or your​ partner ​(second)​ — CBTL​​ offers, and teaches:

  • Spiritual Wisdom
  • Energetics of Intimacy ​
  • Emotional Healing
  • Non-judgment​al way of loving

​Cornerstone practices for an erotically charged, conscious, loving relationship that lasts:

  • Tantra
  • Spiritual practice
  • Sacred sexuality
  • Intimacy

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Love Notes

When I first came to Robyn for coaching, I was feeling hopeless about partnering again.

I was also unsure of what I was even looking for, much less that I would ever find it. Robyn allowed me to see answers for myself that I didn’t even know were there. As a result of working with Robyn, I started looking at dating (and my life) differently, living more in the moment, and was able to clearly identify what I wanted. And best of all, I found a wonderful partner! I am happier than I could have ever imagined!!

Karen Wagner, Arlington, MA

I love your grounded, depthful presence,

the spaciousness you’ve brought in more recently, your realness, how you hold the room with love… just to name a few!

Brynn Bishop, Conscious Intimacy, Boston, MA

You have a presence, an unmistakable authentic presence.

You facilitated that workshop masterfully and this is from someone who has done those events himself.

Paul, Quincy, MA

When we first met 3 yeas ago, John and I were delighted to find we shared an interest in an open relationship.

But, enthusiastic as we were, we were clueless. Robyn is gifted when it comes to creating safe spaces where intimacy and sexuality and all its messiness can gracefully unfold. Her warmth and compassion allow miracles to happen, and we are blessed to have found her.

Lisa, Jamaica Plain, MA

Our work with Robyn has shown us a new sense for how spirituality and sexuality are different ends of the same spectrum that can be joined together in wonderful and exciting ways. Our work has created new intimacy in our relationship by helping us to see and release judgements we have about each other.

Paul and Carol, Washington DC


Welcome to Come back to Love®! Ready to dive right in? Feeling overwhelmed about how to do this deep personal (and private) work all on your own? Do you have a question that you’d like to ask me? I am ready to support you in creating powerful shifts that will start you on the path back to love. Contact me using the form below.

Robyn Vogel

I could tell you about all the degrees I have and certification courses I’ve taken (and I have.) But to me, the best “bio” I can offer you is the celebration my clients express while working with me. This tells you more about who I am than my tantra certification, master’s degree, or license in psychotherapy ever will!

I am beside myself excited. I could never in a million years imagined going to a weekend like this a year ago. It’s as if my wife and I are living a different life. My feelings of love and gratitude for what you have created are boundless. The growth that we have made individually and as partners is special in its own right. Upon further reflection, though, look at everyone who has been a part of what you’ve created, Robyn. Look at the personal growth and feelings of connection and love that people are experiencing. Look at the risks people are taking that have changed their lives into something they had only dreamed of before meeting you. So much love and beautiful connectedness. People stepping into the light which is so needed on the planet right now. All from a simple act of kindness on your part. Ripples that can be felt so strongly and don’t end anywhere but continue into our homes and communities. Any day that you doubt this journey print this out and read it to yourself. Love really is a Miracle and so is guiding people on how and where to find it. That’s what you do my dear. Love you with my whole being!

~ Greg B., Amherst, MA

And, if you really need to see the deets, here they are:

Robyn Vogel, MA, LMHC is a psychotherapist, certified sex coach, sex educator, and creator of Come back to Love® Robyn integrates and shares traditional psychological principles with spiritual and tantric philosophy and practice. She teaches but also demonstrates how to master the skills of intimacy and art of living a life filled with love no matter what. Those who are struggling in relationship, feeling lost around love, and deeply crave connection gain much insight and healing in their work with Robyn. For 15 years she’s been teaching and practicing tantra as a foundational spiritual practice that grounds from within, removes obstacles to loving deeply and teaches all aspects of healthy sustainable relationship.

Robyn facilitates bi-monthly tantra workshops and leads tantra retreats and vacations in tropical places. Robyn has recently been recognized as an expert in her field by the Boston Globe and has begun a professional training for therapists and spiritually-seeking students. She is the author of upcoming book: 7 Steps to Come Back To Love.

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